Scott Scale 720 Plus HT Plus bikes


  • Frame Alloy tubing
  • Shimano 2×10 Boost Drive Train
  • Shimano Disc Brakes
  • Boost Front and Rear Thru Axle
  • Syncros Tubeless Ready Rims


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[Nov 28, 2016]
Weekend Warrior


My 2017 model came with a Dropper post, Rockshox Recon fork and Maxxis Rekon 120 TPI tires


2x10 Will soon be a 1x11

A MBA magazine article last year said, "Plus tires make blown out loose corners feel like Hero Dirt", Well said IMO.
This Is my third Scott, My first being a 2013 29er, fun but It beat me up. My second was a full suspension 27.5 that I have stopped riding because of this Scale 720 plus. I must admit that I ride often In the very conditions that plus bikes excel In. A large portion of my trails are loose, loose over hard, deep sand, gravel and roots.
The bike Is NOT slow at all but the best part for me Is the ease of handling. I can enter a corner way too hot and pitch the bike down under me with very little concern for precise line choice. The bike goes where I want with confidence.
I recently chose to ride a few of my familiar trails choosing the bad lines and this bike does not care.
I get too wide in the soft stuff, I got the traction for that, no worries,
If I come In way too hot I can scrub speed far faster, again with all this tire bite braking really hard means I can brake later.
When I choose a fast line I can carry more speed. On steep drops I have far better control, I can track stand This bike on a pretty steep down hill or choose not to use the brakes at all and so far any extra speed does not upset the bike.

It is still a hard tail but the back end feels just like my full suspension bike when I'd lock out the shock.
On my Spark when locked out the shock still had about 30 mm of travel so I would not blow the shock. This Is how the 27.5x2.8 120TPS Recons feel. It's a hard tail without the harshness.
The bike pedals great but what surprised me the most, Is how much less upper body energy I have to put Into controlling the bike. So much less that I have more for my legs. I am breaking long standing Strava Personal records on many of my flatter faster trails especially the twisty ones.
I broke a PR that stood for 7 months on a 2 mile sandy fire road by almost a full minute,, 'Sandy Fire road', like I said this bike shines In the soft stuff without any of the heavy tire draw backs of a full fat bike.
This Is my first 'Slack' bike and I really like this 'Geo' but I will admit I am relearning climbing technique. Keeping the front end down Is a matter of smoother pedaling and getting a bit lower over the stem.
The bike has the traction to motor up everything I can find but If I'm not smooth the back tires digs In and the front lifts.
I only have to work at this on the really steep stuff but I can tell It's not going to be a problem, no stem changes In my future. I got this.
I do have to keep In mind this Is a condition 3 bike and It's not wise to follow a gonzo rider on a slack FS big travel bike down a technical rocky trail.
I won't be riding my 27.5 Spark anymore as I am that happy with this bike.

The best part of all. It's a Scott~

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