Pivot Cycles Mach 5.5 Plus bikes

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  • Features Pivot’s new long and low geometry
  • Pivot Cable Port system for easy internal routing of shifters, brakes and droppers and full Di2 Integration
  • Front derailleur compatible with Pivot’s stealth E-Type mounting system
  • New ultra quiet low durometer rubberized frame protection


  Available Models:

  • Team XTR Di2 2X
  • Team XTR Di2 1X
  • Team XTR 2X
  • Team XTR 1X
  • Team XX1 Eagle
  • Pro X01 Eagle
  • Pro XT/XTR 2X
  • Pro XT/XTR 1X
  • Race XT 1X


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[Nov 17, 2020]


Wow, this use to be the best part of MTBR.com USER REVIEWS! I can't believe there isn't a review of one of the most praised bikes out there! It's a great bike... along with any other major brand MTB's. I was considering the Yeti SB line but, after owning a Specialized with a Brain shock that they stopped supporting I decided against the Yeti for having proprietary components. My other bike I was interested in was a YT. Unfortunately, in 2018, YT had NO DEMOS on the east coast!! Never buy a bike you can't demo or rent first. Pivot makes good stuff and had a local demo I was able to make it to and try the XL and Large Mach 5.5 and it was a done deal on the XL. I'm just shy of 6'3" and it was a tough call between the XL and L. I have the Team XTR 1X model which, is the pictured model above for the 5.5 review. I owned and rode for one year before writing this review.


27.5 and 2.6 inch tires on 35mm wheel set create quite the rotational mass making the bike not as agile as I'm use to. Bunny hopping is definitely harder to do but, I can pretty much just plow over anything and if need be, just un-weight myself a bit instead of trying to really bunny hop anything. Also, Pivot has a big problem. The Pivot Mach 5.5 WILL NOT DO MACH 5.5!!! and if so, I'm sure you will die and the frame will melt with perhaps some metal parts left over that might not burn up. This is a lawyers false advertising dream come true. I'm calling 1-800-USA-LAWYER! See me waving to you on my new Amels yacht :) or just see me suffering up some big climb on my bike in mid 90 degree 85% humidity east coast summer weather! Just updating as of 11/2020. I guess I'm the only person that own a 5.5 on mtbr?

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