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  • Frame: FRAMED High Modulus Carbon Fiber Frame 148x12. Integrated headset, replaceable derailleur hanger, 2 water bottle cage brazeons, internal cable and housing routing. 16" 18" 20"


  Available Models:

  • Marquette Alloy
  • Marquette Carbon


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[Dec 05, 2016]
All Mountain Rider


Outstanding fit and finish. Quality components that perform well on the trails. Very nimble bike with great handling. Bike came well protected for shipping and assembly was straight forward and uneventful. The handlebars, grips and saddle are very good. Levers feel natural and work well but have a long pull. I got the upgraded 120 mm fork and it works quite good. The sizing chart is very accurate but if in doubt, buy the bigger size. Hidden cables means a clean look and cleaner bike. The bike comes standard with two bottle holder set up but most mtb riders will use a Camelback for hydration. I use a cage and old bottle w/ the top cut off to hold my battery pack for night rides.


Heavy wheels and tires, even for a plus bike. Tires grip okay but not as good as you'd think. I'm thinking the weight is part of the problem and going tubeless will help. The bike will turn and change direction quickly with some protest, almost to the point of oversteer. The bike doesn't lean very well, again I blame the wheels/tire weight. The mount for the uninstalled front derailleur is naked and needs a cover, [preferably with a bottle opener on it ;). The bike has no guards for the chainstay or frame, leaving it vulnerable to heavy scratches and worse damage.

The finish is almost too nice for a mountain bike, very clean and neat. Ergonomics is very neutral and natural and the bike feels nimble and capable. The geometry is stable and inspires confidence, esp when bombing the down hill sections. Climbing is easy and surefooted thanks to the hardtail and wider footprint of the tires. The gearing is well spaced and low gear is not too low and encouraging rear wheel spin outs which mean you "hike a bike" rather than ride.
I love the clean look of the hidden cables. Nothing for mud to cling to and clean ups are easier, good job! Shifting is spot on once dialed in and gear spacing on the 1x11 Sram upgrade means the perfect gear is always available. No need to worry about what drive ring you are in and the free left handlebar lends itself naturally to a dropper seat post. I put a ThudBuster seat post suspension on my bike and it works flawless, to the point of often forgetting that this is a hardtail bike.
Performance wise, the bike rolls over anything in it's path but quick acceleration, braking and turns require more effort, again this is mostly due to heavier than need be wheels and tires. Rims, while heavy are very sturdy with a tough finish on them.
It is hard to find fault with this bike, especially when you take into account the cost. Mine was upgraded to the max and came in at $1700 on a special sale, so I bought it. I think this will become my go to bike, leaving the Giant Anthem X 29 behind, it is that good!

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