Cannondale Cujo HT 27.5 Plus bikes


  • Frame: Cujo 27+ , SmartForm C2 Alloy, SAVE, Tapered head tube
  • Rims: Cannondale Beast, 27.5 inner, tubeless ready
  • Hubs: Formula front, Boost QR with HG driver rear
  • Spokes: Stainless
  • Pedals: Cannondale Platform


  Available Models:

  • Cujo 1
  • Cujo 2
  • Cujo 3


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[Aug 19, 2018]


Versatile - I wanted a 29" hardtail that would also let me play with moderately fat tires. I wanted to keep option of running 2x front setup (again, more versatile and affordable than bizarrely looking and expensive as f... 1x). I wanted rear triangle with some give (my old 26" Giant had none). I've got it all at unbeatable price just in time to offload xmas giftcard - I had test ridden it before so at that point it was an easy decision for me, no so much for much for the store staff that had to double check if 25% off was not too much for already discounted price. It's not the lightest but who cares (in summer setup with 29" Mavics, 2.1 veolociraptors, egg beaters, 2 bottle cages, frame pump, saddle bag, multitool, lights etc it comes just under 29#). Mine is XL frame and for the size, front triangle is amazingly solid (no shimmy when pouncing sideways on handlebars). I've swapped seatpost for generic carbon one and the same for handlebars. I've kept the rest (besides getting extra wheelset for summer). It climbs surprisingly well and it's easy to get some air (within limits of my technical skills). It drifts beautifully and carves through corners almost like a road bike (by all accounts the frame has lots in common with my CADD9) - I enjoy pushing limits in turns and this bike will lean, let the rear break lose and sometimes I get both front and back going sideways but it'll remain controllable. I think this is because of its long wheelbase. Did I say it's both comfortable and fast (even in winter setup).


Probably the biggest pain is the not so standard rear axle. Boost qr is fine by itself but getting extra wheelset was not easy - I ended up shaving end caps to fit through axle wheelset between rear triangle, purchased 142 mm qr sized 12mm alu axle from China and reused skewer from the plus wheelset. Luckily the gamble paid off. This was truly the factor that kept me from buying it earlier (in the end, the sale price almost covered purchase of extra hoops). Also, common complain is the low bottom bracket - indeed true though manageable and it helps keep center of mass low that helps in handling outside rock gardens. Recon silver fork - fairly basic, not the lightest and lockout leaves something to be desired. Probably will be upgraded at some point but not an immediate need. OEM handlebars - way to wide to ride singletrack in wooded areas. Keeps it if you're absolutely sure of your skill or don't mind bruising your elbows or shoulders. I had an option to reuse old bars so I did. Brakes are ok, I think I prefer Shimano's though (incidently Shimano pads do fit). Recently (after the switch to 29" wheels) it's developed shimmy in rear brake, not always but often present when applying light force. I'll see if swapping pads will take care of this. It's long but even with fairly stretched riding position going against wind will slow one down, more so with wider tires. Seatpost diameter limits dropper post options (but is more comfortable to ride in most conditions). Stock tires do not offer great grip but roll nicely and fast. You'll end up pushing the bike in snow. But so you will with true fat bike (and it'l be harder to push). Groomed trails can be ridden on any width tires with decent knobs.

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