Orange Sub Zero BH Deore Freeride Hardtail


  • Fork: Manitou Stance Blunt 130, 1.5 bolt through
  • Shifters: Shimano Deore
  • ChainSet: Race Face DH Evolve Double
  • Spokes: WTB S/S Black DB


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[Jan 17, 2006]
Weekend Warrior


Geometry, Strength, Quality of frame build, Forks


Wheelset - machine built wheels have been crap. Now rebuilt at a good wheel builder and have been superb.

Mine has 150mm Shermans on it and is a trully awesome bike. If i remember correctly, the early ones - 2004 - had slightly steeper geometry and Orange actually sold the small head version with 130mm forks. I reduce my Shermans down to 110 for climbing and it's fine. On the downhills it just inspires confidence and i would say that the 150mm travel is ideal for the majority of the riding i do - 7Stanes, singletrack blasting with rocks, drops up to about 6ft and fast singletrack jumps. It really really likes going down very very steep stuff. I quite regularly outride many riders on full bouncers on downhill sections - a lot to do with the forks i think.

"Is it a bike that'll comfortably go up hill?"

It'll go up most things with ease, just don't expect to win any cross country races on it. I came from a Gary Fisher Big Sur to this and it took a while to get used to the weight and different geometry. As long as you don't mind just spinning away, it's fine. More than makes up for it on the downhill and technical sections though.

It's a solid build, but i reckon the bike could be built way lighter and would become even better on the singletrack. Wouldn't be so good on the drops and jumps though - i'm learning to do dirt jumps now and like the reassurance that it's not going to brake when i fall off.

I'm not sure what weight it is - never really bothered about it - but i know for a fact that the Giant Reign 2 is lighter.

The rear end is very stiff and gives a very direct, planted on the trail feeling. If you want to feel part of the trail, you can't go wrong. I ride with pretty low pressures in the back tyre - 30ish psi - and the bike handles great. the tyre run at that pressure also provides a certain amount of give so you don't feel every single pebble you ride over.

Overall, as my only bike and one that has to handle a very wide range of different riding i couldn't be happier. My next bike will be a full bouncer - but that's just to try something new, but as a do it all bike, the Sub Zero is amazing.

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