Surface 604 Element Fat Bikes


With four-inch tires that roll through snow, sand, grass, and loose dirt, the Element WideGrip Edition stands as a true all-terrain bike. Its extra-wide tires give you sure grip and a broad surface area for riding in conditions that most bikes can’t handle.

The super-light aluminum-alloy 6062 custom-built frame on this Element fat bike reduces weight and the effort required to pedal it. Use the six-speed drive-train to climb hills and quickly find the right gear with the Shimano Revo grip-shifter. The padded seat delivers all-day comfort as you pedal along snowy woodland trails in the winter and sandy coastlines in the summer. You can load everything you need for your adventures onto the expansive 22?L x 7?W (559mm x 178mm) rear rack.

If you decide later on that you want pedal assistance, you can add an electric motor to power the bike’s electric drive-train. With or without the motor, though, the Element provides four-season riding as snow bike in winter, a beach bike in summer, and a go-anywhere bike in between.


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[Jul 11, 2014]
Grant Gillingham


Super light frame, good tires


Gearing is not good

I'm from small city Saskatchewan and have been considering a Fat Bike for about a year and half. Sticker shock on the big names killed it for me...until now. I recently became the proud owner of a Surface 604 Element (non-powered version).
My purpose for a riding a "Fatty" is two fold - winter commuting from December to April when there is too much snow for my other bikes to handle and short distance grocery & cargo hauling. The Element's slightly longer geometry and factory installed rear rack make it an ideal bike for this.
Only issue to date is gearing - while likely ideal for the E-bike models, I find it a bit on the high side for human power. So, a 14-34 Freewheel was swapped for the stock 14-28 and the "granny gear" makes a big difference going uphill, against a headwind or with a load of groceries on board. Contemplating reducing the chain ring to 42 or 38 teeth for next winter. Looking forward to expanding my Fat Biking to cover some beach and trail riding around our local lakes, especially Prince Albert National Park.
Yes, Fat Bikes will put a smile on your face while you accomplish a riding task that other bikes just can't handle.
Kudos to Surface 604, a Canadian company, for bringing the experience into the affordable realm, whether E-powered or pedal driven.

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