Origin 8 Amarok XLT Fat Bikes


  • 6061 alloy custom hydroformed frame with tapered head tube
  • 6061 alloy fork legs and crown, chromoly steerer
  • SRAM X4 1x9 rear derailleur and trigger shifter
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes with 180mm front, 160mm rear rotors
  • 101mm alloy wheels with cutouts, stainless steel spokes


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[Aug 23, 2021]


Perfect for customization https://smallbusinessloansorlandofl.com


Too fat for my liking

[Dec 13, 2019]


Traction and stability


Front chain ring too big. Swap to 30 and became a beast. Also seat..

Price Paid:
Model Year:
[Aug 28, 2017]
Jared Couture
All Mountain Rider


Surprisingly great on dirt too!


Grips, gearing, tires

Awesome bike for the money! I'm not even sure what made me buy this bike but I'm glad I did! I barely ride my trail bike now.

It came 1x10 with a 32 tooth front and 36 rear. For my riding this would not work. The second I got the bike home I replaced the cassette with a 12-42; chainring with a 30 tooth Race Face Narrow Wide, Sram NX rear derailleur, installed a dropper post, different seat, Shimano SLX brakes, new grips and my favorite flat pedals. I could've riden the bike the way it was but I had the parts on hand.

For the area I ride I could use an even smaller chain ring or 2X but the chain will definitely rub the tire with a 2x. I've gotten used to this gearing and this bike absolutely rips! The geometry is awesome. Getting the front wheel up is easy and it bunny hops much easier than expected. Fat bikes tend to highlight all of your poor riding technique after being on a full suspension bike for a long time. I've developed a better pedal stroke and learned to be lighter on the bike again. It climbs great and turns even better. At 36lbs I expected it to require a lot more effort to ride but it's actually not. The massive, tall tires and rotational weight actually seems to help carry me through hard sections with slightly less effort surprisingly. Once it's moving it wants to keep moving. Not bad on long steep climbs either. Much more playful than expected too. I've taken it off drops, jumps and through rock gardens. It can get a little sketchy sometimes when the front wheel starts deflecting off rocks but I've gotten used to that. My average speed hasn't suffered at all. I actually find myself taking less breaks while riding. The handling skills developed by riding a rigid fat bike has translated to much faster averages on my normal full suspension bike now.

Can't be all good. The Grips that came on the bike were horrible quality grips. The tires started showing threads in the sidewalls after about three weeks and don't grip rocks as well as I'd like but they're good enough for now. Stock drivetrain was better suited for cruising around town with the 36 cassette and 32 chainring. The wheels are too loose in the tires to set up tubeless. The fork may be slightly weak or poorly made. I've noticed when I take the front wheel off there have been a few times I've needed to re Center my front caliper. The Tektro brakes were ok. They made a lot of noise and the pads would hit the vents in the rotor which was disturbing but never caused a problem. The Sram X5 rear derailleur would've worked totally fine and the shifter is great.

Future plans. New tires. Race Face Turbine Crankset so I can have more flexibility with gearing. With that crankset I can run direct mount chain rings so I have a smaller chain ring. Probably 28 for summer and 26 or 24 for snow. I might get a suspension fork. Haven't really decided if I need that yet.

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