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Going where no Wo was meant to go is where we took the Wozo. But how do you make a fat bike as fun and playful as a trail bike? The best (and obvious) answer was to model it after the aggressive, trail-shredding Honzo that everyone loves. When the finished product was rolled out, we were stoked to discover we had made a fat trail bike. Bring on any trail or the four seasons. Armed with the Wozo, we’re ready to roll.


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[Nov 17, 2017]
All Mountain Rider


All Mtn geometry (short chainstays, long reach, slack-ish headtube) for a Fatbike, Adjustable drop-outs to lengthen/shorten chainstays/wheelbase. Will take 26 fat, 27.5 plus, and 29 wheels. Can be run single-speed.


low bottom bracket, especially if running 27.5 plus wheels.

THis review is written after riding the Wozo for over a year and in many different conditions and configurations.
This bike instantly became my elusive "one bike quiver killer'. I bought it initially as my first fat bike for snow riding in the winter. Then I built up a second wheelset for the summer (27.5 +). The geometry is outstanding for use as a snow bike and as an all-mtn hard tail. It feels super playful and responsive while holding the line you want when things get gnarly.

I would say that the Bluto 100mm fork is outmatched by the capabilities of the Wozo. I quickly adjust the fork to 120mm soon after purchase and this helped improve the ride with a bit slacker head angle, a bit higher bottom bracket, and the extra travel was welcome in the summer on rocky technical trails. Nevertheless it is still a Reba x-c fork made wide for fat wheels. I am now upgrading to the new Manitou Mastodon 140mm travel fork which has 34mm stanchions (as opposed to Bluto 32mm) and more tire clearance for larger and/or taller tires (thinking 29+ or 27.5x4.5). This should really boost the Wozo's capabilities as a trail shredder, though not necessarily in the snow where trail obstacles are more muted.

The Wozo does not come with a dropper post, but does include cable routing for stealth style droppers. A dropper post is a must with this bike in my opinion. It allows you to really move around on the bike a lot more in technical situations and take full advantage of the low bottom bracket and center of gravity by you getting low along with your bike to really hang turns at speeds you had never done before. The dropper is also really helpful in the snow when you are more often getting on and off the bike in uneven footing between pack snow tracks and unpacked shoulder or off trail areas.

Other than not coming with a dropper post, the parts spec is perfect for the price and uses the Wozo provides. I found the 75mm stock stem to be to long for the already long reach of this bike. I swapped it for a 50mm stem. If you are just going to use it for snow riding then there is nothing at all to change. If you think you might use it for summer trail riding in rougher conditions then you may want to bump the Bluto upto 120mm or swap it for the Mastodon and add a dropper post. Overall this is by far the most fun, adaptable, versatile, capable bike I have ever owned. For me, right now, this is the "one bike to rule them all'. I highly recommend it.

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