Fuji Wendigo Fat Bikes


  • Fork: Fuji Alloy rigid, 1 1/8" threadless, disc tabs
  • Crankset: Lasco, alloy, 36/22T
  • Bottom Bracket: Sealed cartridge bearing
  • Pedals: Alloy platform
  • Chain: KMC X10 w/ MissingLink, 10-speed


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[Jul 15, 2016]
Rudy Roiz
All Mountain Rider


FUN FUN FUN!, very light for it's size (35.3 Lbs) , for having a massive 4.7 tire, it's very maneuverable, it kill the trails.
It's a rocket when you get it going.
It gets going very easy.
Playing with different tire pressure gives you access to any kind of terrain "EFFORTLESS".


Definitely, the drive train, mine came with a 3x9 Altius from Shimano, that is quite noisy in the back derralieur and the chain slacks a lot when you jump.
Also the brakes, it comes with mechanical "Tektro" which are NOT "that" bad but you feel the need for more braking power.
Stem, too long (100mm).
Handlebar kind of short (710mm).
At low pressure and low speed massive tires tend to oversteer.

I've been riding basically all my life, since I remember I have been on a bike, with that been said.
I own a Merida One Twenty 27.5" which I love (?) and I just got mi Wendigo six months ago,
I have to say, that at the begging I was VERY skeptical about getting a Fat Bike, specially about the handling. I live in Cancun Mexico and most of our trails are kind of flat with rocks and sand (No downhill what so ever, Cancun is flat as a board) After doing some quick upgrades (Hydraulic brakes, Shimano Saint MX80 Flat Pedals, 40mm stem and 750mm handlebar)I took it to the trails and I have to say that have been very impressed from day one, it's amazing how it grips on ANY terrain just by adjusting a little bit the tires pressure, rock, wood, grass, sand, LOOSE SAND... you name it it goes simply through, I've been riding double suspension bikes for quite some years already, I can tell you that I don't miss the suspension that much, with the right pressure you will be riding on the clouds, those MASIVE Bulldozers 4.7 tires roll beautiful, no trouble what so ever climbing or descending.
When you hit the loose sand is when the biggest difference starts taking place, instead of getting buried yourself (like it would happen with any nonfat bike) down due to the small print of the tire, here you will "FLOAT" (literally) over the sand, its amazing to feel that you are actually accelerating this monster in the loosest sand, with minimal effort and you are only riding with 5 or 6 Psi.
I took it to the jump track and it didn't stop amazing me how easy was to get airborne and how SMOOTH was the landing, again remember it doesn't have any suspension and I was clearing 40 Ft jumps easy, although the back derralieur sounds in every jump like if it was his last jump (need to replace that A.S.A.P. for a 1x10)
In the other hand if you decide to use it fore the city road, you just have to give some air to your "Bulldozers" (about 20 Psi) and you will be rolling like a freight train.
Overall is a Super Fun Bike to ride, beautiful geometry, with a super reasonable price (almost a bargain)
Sadly, it was not intended to replace my original Merida 27.5" but the sales person told me that probably I will stop using it "That often"... unfortunately for my Merida... it was true, I haven't ride it for at least five months, I simply can't get enough of my "Wendigo"...
I hope that this review will help you to enjoy your next Fat Bike experience.
Once you go "FAT" you will never look back

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