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We built the bike in a 15” and 17” frame with a lower stand over. We also shortened the handlebar length (680mm), shortened the crank arm length to 170mm and threw on a comfortable women’s saddle. The Women’s 2.0 is also compatible with the Framed Fattie Slims™ 29er wheel set. This is a ready to ride 29er hybrid/slick wheel set.


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[Dec 26, 2016]
Cross Country Rider


Nice bike for the price. The frame welds and paint finish are beautiful. It looks well made and the frame is stout. For the money I think it comes with pretty decent components and it a good value. I like that the chainring has a bash ring to keep your pants from getting sucked into the teeth or getting dirty from the chain.


The grips are cheap looking and the tires are only 4.0 wide so it doesn't float on snow as well as it could. The stand over is higher than you'd except on the small size frame, especially for a women specific model.

This is my wife's bike that we bought in March of '15. We've had no problems with the bike and it arrived well packaged and didn't need anything major to get up and running. I think I had to spend some time adjusting the brakes after first putting it together. They've worked fine and were higher end than the disc brakes that came stock on my '15 Fatboy SE.

I bought 4.8 bud/Lou tires for my Fatboy and installed the 4.6 ground controls on her Minnesota. They fit just fine, no rubbing but you couldn't fit a much wider tire than those on the rear as the chain stays are pretty tight as is the chain. The wider tires helped her float way better in the snow than before as there were a couple times she had trouble following me on her stock 4.0 tires when I had the 4.6's on my bike. Kind of surprising since I outweigh her by 60-70lbs. Overall I think it's a really nice bike. It feels kind of weird to me to ride it but it's women specific so I can't fairly judge. I think it's a good bike for the money and I think I paid too much for my Fatboy since it isn't much different and cost 1/3 more money. But then again I think all fatbikes are overpriced for what you are getting. A basic rigid bike shouldn't cost as much as some companies charge so I'd definitely consider buying a Framed bike in the future when I replace my Fatboy. I was checking our their new Alaskan series and they look very nice.

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