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US made Steel Fatback features Classic frame design with low toptube for added stand over clearance, Matching segmented fork available, Rack mounts, Vertical dropouts, 1 1/8 inch head tube and uses E-type front derailleur.


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[Aug 13, 2012]
Weekend Warrior


Construction - Solid, smooth and just gorgeous. This is a Waterford built frame and they do it right. Light and lively. The fork is a Waltworks build.
Geometry - This bike handles just like a regular mountain bike. Other fat bikes that I have ridden didn't have the nimble feel that this one has. Speedway designed this bike right.
Fat tire clearance is huge! I have Husker Dus front and rear and there's still lots of room for Big Fat Larrys.
Fun factor and grin creation are outstanding!


Price! This is not a cheap bike, nor is it meant to be. By all rights, it's a custom bike so it's not mass produced, but still...
Paint chipping on the rear brake mount. Probably occurred because the paint hadn't cured completely. Not a huge issue because the bike's meant to be ridden and paint's gonna chip. Some touch up paint and it'll be good as new.
One thing to be aware of: this is a CUSTOM build! Even though it's listed as an item from a webpage, it's still custom. If you don't spec it out, you won't get it! The forks I ordered did not come with rack mounts or fender mounts because I didn't spec them. They did come with Anything Cage mounts because I did spec them. If you want it, you have to be as specific as possible. Don't assume anything! This isn't a weakness! It's an awareness thing. This is absolutely NOT an off the shelf purchase!

I have owned this bike for a very short period of time, but in the two days riding, I have not a single regret buying this bike. Singletrack riding was as good or better than the Jamis front suspension aluminum frame bike I was riding. Tire pressure plays a significant role in handling and harshness. Pressure was too high that first day. The next day on flat crushed gravel track, I just lowered the tire pressure until it felt right. I purchased this bike to be my year-round ride and given the performance on singletrack and flat track, it's the best bike I've ever ridden. My front suspension Jamis will be collecting dust as a loaner when friends need a ride.
Singletrack performance was amazing. The bike rolls over rock gardens and log obstacles with amazing gracefulness. The geometry makes for excellent switchback handling and agility. There seems to be a misconception that all fat bikes are heavy. This one is lighter than my aluminum front suspension bike! I have yet to ride this bike in snow, but I did ride an aluminum Fatback in the snow in March. It handled just like a mountain bike and it's what sold me, though I chose steel instead of aluminum.
The bike is also very comfortable for flat track riding too. The geometry is perfect as far as I'm concerned.
Get this bike if you want the ability to float over stuff and not cut through it. The massive tires soak up trail chatter and even some pretty big bumps. you'll feel the rigid forks in really aggressive conditions. but it isn't nearly as harsh as I expected. This isn't the bike for everyone. It all depends on what you want. I wanted a bike I could ride year round and this is the bike for me. I'm not a race fanatic, nor am I a weight weenie. I wanted something for the Wisconsin winter and summer and this is the bike for me. I have a huge grin on my face. The fun factor is a 10 chili! Be prepared to stop and talk to people when they marvel at the massive tires.
Speedway has packages for the complete bike, but they are fully flexible mixing and matching parts. I chose the Deluxe build with several exceptions. All of these components perform flawlessly. Best bike I've ever owned.

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Test rode a Salsa Mukluk 3, Surley Pugsley and an Aluminum Fatback.
Currently own a Jamis Trail X3

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