HAIBIKE Xduro AMT RX 27.5 Electric Bike


Haibike is among the first manufacturers to bring out a brand new all mountain eMTB! Its high-quality look is enhanced by its powerful Bosch motor mounted in our characteristic rotated position, as well as its 140 mm travel at the rear and the front of the bike. Even mountains can’t get in its way!

The XDURO design promises what the technology delivers: the Pedelecs are not oversized mountain bikes, nor are they shrunken motocross machines. They are consistent, well-proportioned performance eBikes. Their design has won the iF Design Award and the Eurobike Award, and has also been awarded the Extra-Energy test seal of approval. You get what you see!


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[Jul 15, 2014]
Weekend Warrior


The pedal assist is progressive, and swift to control.
Bike geometry and components place this in the serious all-mountain category - no compromise on attack
Front forks, 15 mm through axle, and big rotors show you what this bike is about
Range is awesome - truly 45 km on "full noise" - but you do NOT need to ride it like that - much further on lower settings
Pedals well on zero-assist.
Dropper seat post is a good choice
Internal cable routing is lovely


21.6 kg is a lift - not so much more than a big downhill bike, YOU MIGHT THINK, but it is definitely a lift - if you have a roof-rack, then think twice!
Tyre choice is good for range, but not so good for hitting trails hard - I would sacrifice range for grip.
Rear shock area is a complete mud trap - get a 1 litre orange juice plastic bottle and make a DIY cover for this
Sourcing a replacement dérailleur hanger has been a complete nightmare!
borderline chain length - insert 2 links to take some strain off the hanger and dérailleur
let's not kid ourselves... this is not a cheap bike!

I just bought one of these for my wife, who is recovering from a long-term injury. She already owns a 2007 Giant Anthem 0, so the two bikes are completely different.

We live in Dunedin NZ, and regularly head up to Central Otago for single track riding. All of the tracks in Dunedin start with a bit of a climb, and weather can make for some pretty greasy surfaces, but in Central, there are lots of 30-50 km day-trails with some very varied terrain.

The bike is heavy, but burly - the frame geometry says attack - and why not go for that choice when the climbing / cross country ride is made so easy! - my wife can more than keep up with me now, and I really think that the AMT frame is going to allow her skills to grow too.

Motor: Bosch Mid-mount Performance 36 Volt, 250 Watt - Limited to 25 kph; Battery: Lithium Ion 36 Volt, 400 Wh
The 250 Watt output is pretty interesting - the motor is on an adjustable maximum 2.5:1 torque multiplier - so you only get that extra 250 Watts out if you are putting in 100 Watts yourself. Very progressive, and only the slightest lag when you stop pedalling - when the motor is still momentarily supplying power.

There are some concerns that the motor will wreck the trails - but for comparison, you might be interested in the following... "Armstrong can ride up the mountains in France generating about 500 watts of power for 20 minutes, something a typical 25-year-old could do for only 30 seconds. A professional hockey player might last three minutes and then throw up."

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