Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH Downhill Full Suspension


The GG/DH is the downhill workhorse, built for serious riders that prefer a refined machine that is built to last, likes goin' fast, and is made in the good ol' US of A.

It's the bike for the those that like to get out and ride day in and day out, for riders that want something that's high performance, but easy to maintain. With a highly refined design that eliminates all unnecessary complication, the suspension platform is progressive and the frame laterally stiff. The geometry is low, slack, and adjustable. The ride characteristics provide a lively, nimble platform that pedals extremely well for its shred-tastic capabilities.

Frame Info & Specs:

  • Rear Wheel Travel 8", 9.5" x 3.0" Shock
  • Progressive Leverage Curve - No Blowing Through the Travel or Harsh Top Stroke Here!
  • 1.5" Head Tube, Cane Creek Angleset Compatible
  • Adjustable Chainstay Length via Axle Mount
  • Adjustable Head Angle/BB Height via Shock Mount
  • Designed With Frame Stiffness in Mind
  • Massive 25mm Pivot Axle
  • Zero Free Play Pivot and Axle Interfaces
  • High quality Enduro dual-lip sealed bearings
  • Frame weight: 7.9 lbs. with hardware (size Medium, no shock)

Frame Geometry:

  • Chainstay, Adjustable: 17" or 17.5"
  • Head Angle, Low: 63.5 deg.
  • BB Height, Low: 13.4"
  • Head Angle, High: 64.2 deg.
  • B Height, High: 13.9"

Frame fittings:

  • 30.9 seatpost
  • 34.9 seatpost clamp
  • ISCG05 chainguide tabs
  • 150 mm rear wheel spacing
  • 83 mm BB spacing


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[Nov 07, 2016]
Lucas Weaver


Unbelievable cornering
Simple and easy to maintain
Modern DH bike geometry


The original axle system wasn't easy to use, but the new rear triangle uses an entirely different axle. Problem solved.

This bike is really fun. I find it incredibly confidence inspiring, mostly because of the amount of ramp up throughout the travel. It never feels like it bottoms out harshly and always rides high in the travel. I am now over zealous on drops with harsh landings.

The bike feels snappy all the way around, especially for a DH bike. It is begging to get airborne. I initially set my suspension up based on recommendations from GG, but proceeded to search for a bit less lively feel, the opposite of my usual play. I often find DH bikes somewhat dead feeling so it is refreshing having such a snappy ride.

I never really thought that lateral stiffness was a big deal until riding this bike; it holds a line in a corner unlike any other bike I have ridden. That's surprising given that many other single pivots I have ridden are noodly, but the GG/DH really is stiff. Combined with the low BB and this thing can slay corners.

I really appreciate that it is so simple in design. There is less to clean and fewer bearings to replace. I will not claim to be the best mechanic, and I can't afford to pay to have my bike fixed all the time, so its reassuring to know that there is very little to go wrong on the frame. Now, if I could only quit damaging wheels...

This is an ideal bike for anyone looking for a really solid rig for bike parks, shuttle days, or downhill racing.

It should also be noted that GG offers complete bikes as well as custom build options. You can choose everything that goes on your bike, right down to the paint and decal colors. Pretty sweet operation.

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