LaPierre Zesty All Mountain Full Suspension


With one of the best versatility/weight/efficiency ratios on the market, the Zesty all-mountain bike from Lapierre will take you to new heights. With a new frame available in carbon or alloy, integrated cable routing, and OST+® 140mm suspension technology, you’ll go up and down faster than you thought possible. From intense trail riding through your introduction to Enduro racing, you can do almost anything with your Zesty.


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[May 07, 2012]
Weekend Warrior


The geometry on this bike is sweet. It is far easer to pedal than my other bikes. Handles well.
exceeded my expectations


I only paid 40% of the list price for this bike. At the price I paid I feel I got a decent bike. If it was the list price I probably wouldn't own one especially when at list it falls into the same price bracket as an Ibis Mojo SLR and for another NZ$500 you could be looking at a Mojo HD! it's hard to see where the pricing comes from. The hardware is pretty average - Sure theres XT cranks and rear deraileur but a Deore rear cassette? - come on. The front fork should be a 15mmMaxle, but is a 9mmQR.
Average wheels and hubs.
The tyres on the this bike were Mountain Kings which are a utter rubbish (on this rig anyway). Like Richard here I also had a few off's on them, and after 4 in one day (with one over the bars) made me ditch them and get Nevegals too. Nevegals work really well on this bike. Makes you wonder who the spec mechanic was.
These may be harsh calls but if I forked out NZ$5700 on this bike I'd be quite disappointed with the build. hence the low value rating.
The biggest weakness is the fact the chain just doesn't like to stay on this bike at all. Maybe I should learn to land it better but i've never lost chains on any bike before this one.

If you want a All Mountain bike that can also do trails and XC and pedal all day because thats what you do then this could be what you're looking for.
Haggle the price down.
Dump the front two rings and derailleur go 1x10 (XT rear cassette)
Get a decent chain retention device (LG1+)
Change the rubber
and you'll love this thing.
It really does put a smile on your face.
I never really understood what people actually meant by a bike pedaling better, somehow this bike allows so much energy to transfer into forward momentum and waste very little. Even with the shocks open it cranks along, make it hard core and Wow!
I am definately faster on this bike up and down hills.

For all my bagging the build - it is a great bike at heart, I love it and I can see where the rider input was.
I'd buy one, and have.

[Apr 08, 2012]
Richard Peterson
All Mountain Rider


Great value for the price, Lapierre dumped their 2012 stock into the NZ market at 50% off to get some market penetration. Different story if I had paid full price. The bike is light and fast. Climbs well which is important around Nelson as its quite step riding/climbing. The bike is direct and responsive and fast. Particularly as you get used to the setup. There is no "bob" when climbing, the rear setup as very efficient. Easy setup too with the sag meter.


The mixed group set is disappointing given the recommended price (XTR and SLX). If I had paid full price I would have expected a complete XT group set. The seat was not to my liking so I swapped back to my trusty specialized seat. The Hutchinson tires lack front end grip and I have changed this to a Kenda Nevegal 2.35 tubeless. The stem is a little long and also contributes to the looser front end which I have tightened up with a straitline 50mm stem. I have chipped the paint finish on the frame in he first ride! Loose front end and straight down a bank!

This is a great bike. Fast and direct, light and well spec'd for the price I paid. I would definitely recommend it, but if you ride steeper and more technical riding then I think the front end needs to be tightened up a little. The tire and stern change has made a big difference. Having said that I jumped onto the Santa Cruz Blur and it felt tighter from the start without having to change a thing!

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