Ibex Bicycles Ignition Sport All Mountain Full Suspension


  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum w/ 120mm Travel
  • Fork: Rock Shox Tora 289 Coil - 120mm
  • Shifters: SRAM X4 Triggers
  • Bottom Bracket: TH Sealed Cartridge
  • Brakes: Avid BB5 Mechanical Discs


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[Sep 07, 2020]


I’m not an avid biker, but I’ve been on some pretty challenging trails in my day and my Ibex Ignition never let me down. Everything about it shouts Quality.


I think any negative comment like shifting malfunction was, in the beginning due to my inexperience. It’s solid even now after ~10 years. Finally replacing the chain.

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[Oct 08, 2009]
Weekend Warrior


Value, Frame Strength-the down tube is a good size and is oval towards the bottom, welds are good and clean, good components for the price I like the bb5 disc breaks which are a huge improvement over the cantilever ones on my trek, the tora is a decent fork for the money the 120mm travel is a huge improvement over my Trek RST frok, the stock WTB raptor tires that come on it hook up on the climbs on sand and dirt...(Ive noticed that running 35-40psi in the rear, 30-35psi front for off road works good), handles the trail I ride really well, going to take it to asheville soon...


-Well the seat that came with it is kind of firm but if you use a cham pad it prob will not be as much of a big deal, I replaced it wit a Rx gel seat.

-The stock vector axis is a basic coil-over shock without much adjustment and bottoms out easily mine has a 500lb spring...I weigh 153lbs...and it works ok, with some noticeable pedal bob, but going to upgrade to a fox float r (6.5"x1.5") or equivalent soon, this is expected since this bike is the entry level as far as components.

-The sram x-4 rear derailleur is...ok but even with adjustment every once in awhile I get some mystery shifts...but it will work for now, I think I will upgrade this to a x7 or x9 in the future though since you can get these parts for $50-$100 online.

-front derailleur...make sure this is adjusted correctly?, not sure but there have been some reports, and mixed reviews of the derailleur hitting the frame on max travel when running a 3x9 setup, I haven't noticed this problem yet and have bottomed the rear shock numerous times, but I am running a stock coil shock vs. air shock. So I will re-review this bike after I get a few hundred miles on it with the upgraded fox rear shock....

-chain say protector...make sure you get one...or the chain will tear up the chain stay paint part of the frame.

-Paint is powder coated black and looks good but is not going to be like the paint jobs on bike shop comparable models...like trek, giant, specialized, cannondale, ect. I rate the paint 6.5 out of 10.

For the money I still think this is a good bike with decent components. I demoed a Trek fuel ex 5.5-$1600 bucks and liked it but could not afford it at the time. After doing a lot of reading and research I decided to give IBEX a try so I and figured what have I got to loose really, and ordered the bike. Fed-ex had it at my door in 3 days. Assembly was not that bad and if you can do basic bike maint. should not be a problem..however it took me a few attempts to get the disc breaks adjusted correctly. I have put this bike though a pretty good test so far, about 75 miles total riding all on intermediate trails with roots, 2-3 foot drops, mud, sand, rain, downhill, uphill climbs, and a few falls. Everything has held up so far without any failures...frame is solid. I did slam the brake lever into a tree and it pulled the front brake cable out of adjustment but its ok now after re-adjustment. When you pick up the bike you will notice the additional weight..34lbs, but out on the trail the bike climbs better than my old trek at 29 lbs. Flying down some steep downhill with this bike is a blast and put a smile on my face on the maiden voyage....so spending the $599 was a good investment, got me into better shape, and back into MTB once again....so I do not regret my choice and would buy the bike again.

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Demoed Trek fuel ex's and Giant trances liked them but those were out of the price range at the moment...maybe nextyear=)

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