Niner Bikes ROS 9 29er Hardtail

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Keep It Steel, Stud. The 4130 Cro-Mo tube set of the ROS 9 is the trusted standard for durability and ride quality. Following the lines and design language of the SIR 9, these tubes have been beefed up to handle the abuse the ROS 9 is designed to shrug off. The super-short chainstays provide a lofty front end feel while the slack HT angle keeps the front end composed at Mach Loony speeds. A neutral BB height can be made low or high to slay YOUR trails by positioning the BioCentric 2 where it will do the most good.

The oversized headtube of the ROS 9 allows the use of tapered fork steerer tubes that measurably reduce fork deflection, which means your Niner tracks straight and true. The full spectrum of riders from xc racers to all mountain shredders benefit from these features which is why we incorporate the technology in all our new frames. The ROS 9 Lets you take full advantage of increased steering precision as you get yourself into trouble. The hardtail for riders that don’t like hardtails.


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[Mar 22, 2016]
Armin Iranshahr
All Mountain Rider


Smooth ride, no aluminum vibrations on the pedal or seat, Very efficient, stable on downhill



I Love the comfort, efficiency, control, but most of all I am amazed how smooth it is over rocky sections. This bike makes big rocks look and feel small.
The steel frame absorbs so much vibration, It almost feels like a full suspension xc. I let my friend ride it and his comment was the ROS 9 feels like a real bike, and his full suspension aluminum felt like an imitation. He was talking about the difference in pedal vibration and rider comfort.
The best way to describe this bike is to combine down hill front end and fast and efficient back end built with a premium material.
I highly recommend the ROS 9

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