Jones Jones Plus 29er Hardtail


The big wheels let you go so much faster and rougher even with a rigid frame. The fork on the Plus has a large amount of fork offset to help keep it from steering like a plow.


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[Jun 20, 2018]
Old School Ride


I read every article I could find about this bike and tried to find a dealer in New England and there weren't any nearby. I read all the articles again and when the 135mm LWB plus went on sale, I talked with Jeff a couple of times and took the plunge. I built this up with a Rohloff hub in the back, Jones 142 in the front laced to MuleFut 50mm rims with Sapim Laser spokes and Polyax AL nips. Tires are FatBNimble. The hub is, let's face it, heavy. That said, it feels like a great match for this frame. I have long been a fan of Jones bars, but I didn't know how his bike would turn out. In watching his videos, it looked like he was ripping along and doing a lot of stuff that I can't. I wondered if he was just a better rider making the frame look good. The build took a long time, in part because of the complexity of the Rohloff. I've probably put 100+ miles on in the first week and several things are clear standouts from other bikes that I have ridden. The control is better than ANY bike I have ever ridden (I have a BMC Trail Fox, IF Steel Deluxe and a lightweight Columbus rando frame I built for comparison). When going downhill, my braking is much more balanced between the front and rear, even on steep stuff. With other bikes, I would favor the rear brake to keep the front from skittering out from underneath me. I also go downhill - in control - 20-50% faster than I do with my other bikes. I feel much more in control and the "OH SH**" window feels a long way away, particularly in curves and even off camber areas. Climbing is outstanding and is limited by my fitness, not the bike. What I was not prepared for, however, was how freakishly fast this bike is. I've never ridden as fast on flats, hills or downhills on any bike I've ever ridden, with perhaps the exception of my tandem on steep downhill paved sections. I am crushing all of my past times and, even more remarkably, feeling comfortable and unstressed doing it. I am not wheezing and out of breath for the climb and I often feel like I have more in the tank if needed, which is a totally new experience for me. Even more of a surprise? The change in speed applies everywhere- road, trail, singletrack, dirt and all while running knobby tires. It's as if I was doping, but it's the bike that's dope. It's an incredible machine that has me grinning ear to ear every time I ride. The era of N+1 for me has come to an end. Other nice touches: the inside of the frame is finished as well (at least i


The build is complex and non-standard. Definitely have a torque wrench for the truss fork! Water bottle bosses are open rather than closed, which could allow water into the frame. The frame is heavier than I'd like, but doesn't seem to have an effect on the speed (see above). I would have liked more brazeons. No dynamo hub options that I'm aware of that don't involve spacers or machining. Head tube is not faced by Jones. Headset is finicky to set up

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