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Jamis Exile Comp 2012 Mountain Bike The Jamis Exile Comp has been a huge hit with Jamis for the past few years due to its superior build quality, component selection, and spot- on geometry. The 2012 Jamis Exile Comp was completely over ha...


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[Apr 07, 2014]
Cross Country Rider


Nice shorter chainstays, rigid frame, ok groupset


Heavy, Twitchy, not a great fork

I got this as my first mountain bike (OK second if I count a 94 Jamis rigid). I selected it for the reasonably OK group set as a first bike to see if I would like mountain biking. Well I have ridden this for four months and can safely say I like MTB. I can also perhaps give some info on the bike. I liked the performance OK to start with but would recommend a few mods to make it much better.

Fork - Get the solo air fork rather than the coil. THE XC 32 TK coil is ok , but is way harsher than the solo air version. The solo air allows for a much plusher ride while the rebound allows for good tracking and control. Luckily my coild ofrk had to be RMA'd and they converted it to solo-air and hooked me up with a remote.

I also got a Works Components angled headset to slacken it out by 1.5 degrees. This has made a huge difference. Much more stable on the fast down hills and better on the techy uphills too.

The wheels are OK as are the cranks, and derailleurs, but nothing special.

I have put on wider bars, added a drop post and converted to 1x9.

Basically this is a good solid frame (4.6 pounds by the way) on a bike that will serve XC riders (not racers) well and with a few mods is pretty good for intermediate trail. It climbs like crazy. I am minutes faster than my friend who has been riding far longer than me on the 3 mile 1000 foot climb we start our ride with. It handles light tech with ease. Rocky uphills can be a blast. Bigger techy uphills are challenge due to the weight of the bike, but for the most part it feels nimble enough. Slolamy downhills are an absolute blast, chunkier ones can be a challenge (but are my favorite) as the rear end gets tossed around quite a bit. The front wheel/fork has enough play that in hard cornering the 2.4 Ardent I have on there (tubeless) will lightly rub the for a bit. I don't notice any play in the rear. All in all a good casual XC bike capable of more.

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