Gravity Bikes 29Point4 29er Hardtail


Extremely capable with long travel Rockshox Recon 29 silver with lockout. The 29Point4 adds to those race winning specs; a smooth shifting FSA crank, CaneCreek headset, sweet shifting SRAM X9 rear derailleur with WTB Disc Wheelset and truly amazing Avid Hydraulic Disc Brake system.


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[Jan 02, 2015]
All Mountain Rider


Bang for the buck is very high. Components are good, not entry level.


Heavy. Weird sizing. Very difficult to size if you ride 25 plus miles at a time. Very short cockpit. Hurts the back.

Bought the 29.4 December, 2013 from I have now had it a full year. Put together easily. I am 5'7" and 29" inseam. I went with the sizing chart provided at their website. In a way, I wish I would have stepped up a size, and risked having the top tube at my crotch, but hind sight is 20/20. I have now owned it for a year and here is my opinion of this bike. It is a killer bike for $699, out the door. I upgraded bars, lengthened the stem, upgraded seat post (it was too short for a guy with 29" inseam, weird) I bought a much longer stem and seat post so I could take the pain out of my lower back. Ugh. It is a very small cockpit. I also, put on some medium length bar ends so I can stretch out, as even with a very long stem, I needed a bit more for long rides. Even though the components are very good, it is a heavy bike. I ride in Arizona and we also Slime our tubes which adds even more weight. The rims and tubes are Shraeder. The wheels and fork that it comes with are both very good, but very heavy. Kind of like boat anchors if you know what I mean. I have to admit, I was shocked at the overall weight of this bike. I was going to upgrade the wheels as soon as I bent them up and started snapping spokes, but so far, these darn WTB rims are SOLID! Heavy but SOLID! I ride very brutal mountainous areas, and these wheels and the Recon fork just keep going. The brakes are solid, Elixir 3. Love them and the replacement pads are inexpensive. Cranks are "good". They too take a beating and keep going. Deore front and X-9 rear, with X-7 shifters is pretty darn good. No complaints. Recon is an Air fork. You will need a fork pump to adjust it to your preference. To sum it up, this bike is simply a huge value for your hard earned dollar. I even took it up to Moab and road the heck out of it up there. Sweet. My only complaint is I should have gone up a size, as it has a deceivingly small cockpit. I am still thinking of buying a setback seat post to give me another half inch of length. It will cost you a few bucks to lengthen the cockpit if you don't step up a size. I ride a lot, and I ride hard. This bike has been super. I highly recommend it.

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