BH Peak 29er Hardtail


The new BH 29” MTB line is designed for outstanding performance on all types of terrain. The evolution of the 29er continues at BH. The BH 29er MTB line has models ideally suited for all levels of rider and all types of terrain. The advantages, smoother ride, more control and increased speed, are clear and will benefit the recreational cyclist as well as the seasoned pro. Whether on the race course or the bike path our 29er bikes will give you increased comfort and control. Since its introduction, the 29” mountain bike has been evolving, the evolution continues with BH’s new 29er line. Drawing from years of experience, with input from its US design team, BH has developed 3 new models: the Ultimate 29, Zenith 29 and Peak 29. Each model shares innovations developed on other BH bikes, such as the Olympic and World Championship winning Ultimate 26 and groundbreaking Ultralight. Each frame is designed to function in complete harmony with the rider, inspiring confidence in all types of terrain. Meticulous care is taken to precisely optimize the wall thickness in critical areas of the frame, whether it be carbon or alloy, for the perfect balance of trail compliance and all-out performance. Designed to tackle any trail condition and all riding styles, the geometry of our 29er line puts the rider in complete control. Short chainstays, a low bottom bracket and a more relaxed head angle make our 29ers agile enough for the most technical singletrack, yet stable enough for the fastest descents. Ample tire clearance, even with our short chainstays, allow room for a wide selection of tires.

  • 6061 aluminium frame
  • EVO Brake Mount system
  • Ride Tuned Compliance


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[Mar 02, 2013]
Cross Country Rider


Beautiful, durable, lightweight frame. I bought a Medium, it was lighter then a higher priced competitors small frame.
Hydro brakes are nice.


Rear derailuer unless it can be addressed by the LBS in a few weeks for a adjustment.
Forks? Seem good so far, but I have completed nothing "Xtreme" And I wasn't concerned with a entry model Rock Shox
Pedals, seat, random other personal feel crap, but we're changing it all anyway-

I bought this bike on a complete whim. I was almost dead set on a Mamba, or maybe even a Scale. I rode a dozen bikes. Was dazzled by the look of the Peak, took it for a ride and fell and love. The fit for me was perfect, I'm having a hard time getting off it. 30 degrees and 15+mph winds, and I'm still riding almost ten miles a day (which aint bad for me in my shape). The seat isn't great, my butt doesn't mind it much tho.

The gear shifts are driving me insane. A) I need another low gear or two (whichever makes your legs feel like your pushing boulders). And B) the shifts are not smooth, and not always complete. Hopefully adjustments is all it needs.

All and all, I don't think it's your best bang for your buck. But I don't care, I don't want to get off it. I have yet to complete any serious tails. And once I do or if I feel anything else that needs noting I will amend later.

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[Feb 12, 2013]
Weekend Warrior


Fit and finish on the bike is great, the paint on the frame looks hard wearing.
Chain shifts smooth between gears
Brakes are tactile and able to lock up the wheel under load.
Not too heavy.


Outer cables rub on the top of the forks wearing the paint off
Buy your own pedals (Though the retailer that sold mine supplied some pedals of my choice free.)

I got onto this bike as my first 29er for general street use and on some trails close to home. I’ve had it for only a week now and intend to take it to some mountain terrain nearby to test it out on some basic trails.
So far I love the feel of the bike and will change the tyres come the wet weather, as the Kenda Small Block Eight tyres are designed for concrete and hard pack. I’ll be changing the grips to some Odi TLD’s as the stock grips are too narrow for my hands. I’ve loved my Odi Rogues on my other mountain bike.
The rims seem OK but I’m yet to test them on some rougher trails. I may look at getting some air forks such as the Rockshox Recons later, but the stock forks do the job for the moment. The lockout is handy.

If I find anything else worth mentioning after a bit of use I'll write a follow up review.
Not much on forums on the interwebs about these bikes so I thought it would be good to put out some feedback.

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