Orange Segment Trail 29er Full Suspension


  • Suspension: 120mm front/110mm rear
  • Internal dropper post cable/hose routing
  • RockShox Revelation RL 120mm fork
  • RockShox Monarch RL
  • RaceFace Ride 24/32t double chainset


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[Sep 07, 2017]
Jon Canning
Cross Country Rider


The Segment feels strong and safe. A no nonsense bike that you can ride on all day. It eats up trails, jumps and holds its line so well on downhills. climbing is made easy by locking out the Fox's,just two clicks. Cornering and berms, well, again safe and stable
I purchased the bike a a used model to learn to ride trails and venture into mountain biking, the bike looks great and is simple to look after and maintain.Have progressed with this bike so much, drop offs, jumps, fast and technical downhill red trails, rocks,,roots,, the bike just munches them up and spits them out leaving you grinning and feeling you are an awesome rider.
I have recently purchased a new Orange five direct from orange, and this was because of the Segment. The bikes are hand made and just do what they are supposed to do, I haven't ridden the Five yet, but already know that the bike will be great, and will be step up from the Segment, but I will be keeping the Segment for those long improvised rides across the countryside and trails just for the sheer love of riding it.


Rear tyre rub very ocasionally.

Just a great bike

[Jun 02, 2015]
All Mountain Rider


It´s strong. It´s simple, it´s old-school and might be even rude to all those ultra-complicated/sophisticated modern designs that required tons of marketing and maintenance.

It´s meant to be grabbed and taken out to the mountains rain or shine, cold or hot, with a careless attitude, for hours.

It will give you vast versatility and spot-on geometry in all aspects (head angle, seat-tube angle, BB height...) for all-around, no-compromise, non-categorized mountain biking.

Also, I love its looks. I got the white frame. Simple and pure.

I have already ridden with this bike my favorite trails, which I know extremely well, and that I have ridden with other full suspension, and with hardtail bikes. My Segment rules supreme, it´s that´s simple. I would buy it again and again.


Shock length. A longer one would have added many more choices with minimum weight penalty.
Price. Really expensive, specially for a single pivot (but I paid for what I exactly wanted so I am happy about it).
I bought just the naked frame, not even with a shock, the price is given in euros.

No bike or suspension system has ever surpassed my beloved hand-built in USA Cannondale Prophet. Because she is old and I am 6 ft 3 inch tall I wanted the closest possible bike in 29er version. And I always admired Orange bikes, hand-built in UK. I wanted the Orange Five 29er but they do not make it in XL any more (go figure...) so the Segment it was.

This is THE mountain bike if you just can have one. Strong but light enough to pedal all day long with no worries and just fun.

I do XC, trail, and AM, miles and miles of mixed trails, not built for mountain bike or maintained for the most part.

I have to climb and climb and then go down and up and down.... Not very technical tails, no drops or jumps, but broken bumpy paths with rocks, stones, roots...The bike absorbs it all. Pedal efficiency is not the best, I notice some bobbing, yes. I reduced the sag...then increased it even more. A little bit of bobbing can even be appreciated by your back and butt in a 90 min climb, I have a Yeti BigTop and of course pedaling efficiency in non-technical sections is incomparable when you use a hardtail, but...

In return, those 110mm of travel work like magic when things get rough. And traction is just amazing, even standing up...This is what impresses me the most, traction, going up and down, huge. Over lose rocks, pointy stones and mud. I do not miss more travel, 110 mm with 29er wheels is perfect for me (rolling over small/medium square obstacles is just ridiculously smooth) but a longer size shock would have been appreciated, so that you can have more choices (coil, piggy-back). I am using an old coil Fox and I guess I will go for Cane Creek next, it worth having a good shock, although the kinetics of the design are awesome, with a very good compromise between anti-rise, pedal kickback and brake-squat, but most importantly, with a leverage ratio that is almost flat. This is what really matters to me as I think is the best possible design, specially for taller/bigger riders, so that there is enough support in the middle travel, which is where you are most of the time and what the suspension uses to absorb most of the impacts.

Mud is a serious issue where so I really wanted a bike that did not accumulate it and that required low maintenance: A single pivot of course is the way to go, and the design of Orange bikes, specially the combined seat-stay/chain-stay plates is really awesome for mud clearance.

Orange bikes are expensive, yes they are hand-built, they let you make a statement, they are unique...but you can definitely get more inexpensive bikes or frames with similar or better performance.

I do not care, I have wanted a bike like this for very long time, so I just worked hard and save money for it. Could not be happier, I like it more than my Prophet, that says it all. It just perfect for me, and I would say for every mountain biker, meaning riders who rides hard in the mountains, in rough terrain, without falling in artificial categories.

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Marin, Cannondale, Trek, Specialized. No suspension system has ever impressed me enough to abandon single pivots, not at all.

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