Lenz Sport MilkMoney 4.0 29er Full Suspension


It's what you've all been asking for. Now, here it is. Our famous single speed full suspension 29er....with 4 inches of amazingly plush travel. Take your single speed riding to a another level with the new Milkmoney 4.0. Now taking orders. The Lenz Sport MilkMoney bicycle is one of the only full suspension single speed 29er bikes made that doesn’t require some sort of chain tensioning system to maintain proper chain slack during suspension movement. Using our Concentrak suspension system, the chainstay length stays constant so we are able to use keyed sliding dropouts to adjust the chain slack, but still allow the wheel to drop down for easy removal. This Lenz bike takes the single speed mountain bike into the all mountain/cross country category. The Milkmoney shreds on long cross country rides, and will feel at home on technical day rides as well. The 4.0 is a very versatile bike. It can be set up as a single speed, or with additional dropouts that accept standard derailleurs. The Milkmoney 4.0 can be set up with an 100 or 120mm fork.


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[Oct 11, 2011]
Cross Country Rider


Clean look, built to last, one of a kind Concentrak design with 4 inches of rear travel. That means it pivots around the bottom bracket so you don't need a chain tensioning system. Got a rear flat? Pop the QR, drop the wheel to fix it and go.


The shop is low volume which equals a longer lead time. Not yet configured for a belt drive system. Seems like it not that much of leap to get there with some different dropouts (so I don't have to buy another frame) Nudge, nudge...

Plush on the downhill and efficient on the uphill. Who else has a Full suspension, SS, twenty-niner? I liked riding the Rig but it tore me up on the rocky bumpy downhill terrain. I did a test ride on a demo bike and was sold. Just don't sell your current SS until your new frame is in your hands.

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