Lenz Sport MilkMoney 3.0 29er Full Suspension


The Lenz Sport MilkMoney bicycle is one of the only full suspension single speed 29er bikes made that doesn’t require some sort of chain tensioning system to maintain proper chain slack during suspension movement. Using our Concentrak suspension system the chainstay length stays constant so we are able to use keyed sliding dropouts to adjust the chain slack but still allow the wheel to drop down for removal the same as usual.

  • Super light weight Full Suspension
  • Clean no cable stop clutter
  • 3" rear travel
  • 3" - 4" front travel
  • Concentrack pivot
  • Sliding dropouts for singlespeed


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[Oct 05, 2011]
Cross Country Rider


As long as my knees can hold up to SSing, I will not need another bike. This bike combines what I love (SSing) with what I want (full squish). The build quality on this frame is second-to-none. It's a solid, well-built, beautifully welded (seriously, the welds are so freakin sexy) bike.


I'm sure SSing pursists will hate to the loss of total efficiency that comes with suspension (but, the bike still climbs well with the RP23's ProPedal set to 3). Real XC weenies might laugh at the 3 inches of travel. Plus, I suspect that the Concentrac BB pivot isn't the most efficient design. These are all compromises that I am more than happy to make. I had to wait 5 months for the frame from Lenz.

This is a bike of compromises that does everything I've ever wanted in a mountain bike. It doesn't climb like a hardtail SS nor descend like a 5" travel bike. I came off a rigid 29er, so the 3" of rear travel feel like butter to me, even after 2 years of loving this bike.

The MilkMoney is not for everyone. If you're a SS purist, you'll hate the loss of supreme effeciency. Three inches of travel may not be enough for you (so buy their new 4" version!). However, I got to a point where the macho man in me no longer needed the SS rigid. The MilkMoney fit the bill perfectly; I was perfectly willing to make the compromises of efficiency and travel.

I love love love this bike. It's a conversation piece wherever I ride. If you're a SS lover who wants a bit of squish, there is no better choice.

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