Yeti Cycles SB-75 27.5 Full Suspension

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What makes a Superbike? Is it unparalleled descending chops, impossibly precise cornering, or spirited climbing? Perhaps it's all of them. At least, that's what Yeti thought when designing the SB-75 frame. Building on the stunningly successful SB chassis, and featuring Switch Technology, the '75...


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[May 03, 2014]
Weekend Warrior


Climbing, Comfort, Pedaling Efficiency, Plush Bottomless Feeling Suspension, Rollover, and Versatility


Personally I do not find any but if your a penny pincher in terms of weight this bike is a bit heavy.

The bike rides like an absolute dream. There is no detectable bob from the suspension on flat riding at all. I've had the bike only a short time (almost 2 months) but have already taken 'er out many times to a flow track that has small-medium jumps and my regular run that has a little bit of everything except long/steep downhills (obstacles/bridges/sand/mud/roots/rocks/small drops). Jumping with this bike is night and day from my previous 26 ride ... I feel super comfortable and stable. I absolutely love the 27.5 middle ground and see a huge difference in rollover without the sacrifice of acceleration and agility. The bike is truly a do everything bike ... it is extraordinarily well rounded and frankly fun to ride. If you're considering the purchase you won't be sorry ... the bike lives up to it's amazing Super Bike reputation. I'm not one to go crazy over a pound but with this bike being heavier by a few pounds than my last bike I truly do not notice it while riding.

I'm 5'7, ride a Yellow Medium frame sans dropper, have been riding MTBs for about 14 years, and the moment I stepped on the bike I instantly felt comfortable (for me the medium frame is perfect ... I would definitely not want a small). I'd classify myself as an intermediate rider. This bike is normally out of my price range for MTBs but it's well worth the stretch ... I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

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