Trek Top Fuel 27.5 Full Suspension


Top Fuel is a fast and light full suspension XC mountain bike. This quick-handling ride is designed for speed and efficiency on singletrack and cross country trails, and it"s equipped with Trek-exclusive MTB tech that keeps you comfortable and in control when the trail gets rough. It"s a great choice for racers, long-distance riders, and anyone who wants more traction and capability than a hardtail can offer without the weight of a full-on trail bike.


  Available Models:

  • Top Fuel 9.9 SL
  • Top Fuel 9.8 SL
  • Top Fuel 8


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[Apr 13, 2021]


This year I decided to pick up a XC specific rig for my race schedule. Most of my race venues are going to be very typical cross country courses so my goal was a light, fast XC bike. I went back and forth between short travel full suspension and a hardtail but decided the Top Fuel 9.7 with its dual lockout could be a good mix of weight, performance and build kit. The dual lockout was an immediate positive. There’s a twist lockout control on the left side that locks up both the front Rock Shox and the Fox rear suspension. Tuned into it riders weight it’s not a 100% rigid feel but any play left is really negligible. On sprints and power climbs it behaves like a hardtail would - mostly. There is the extra weight that come with its design so I wouldn’t call it a pure climbing rig but I’m super pleased with it regardless. Unlocking the suspension I tested it pretty hard down Exchequer’s “Down and Out”. There are a lot of hard burms, rock gardens and some jump gaps. Very supposed how smooth and easy the suspension performed. It felt more like a trail bike than a XC racer going downhill. Gaps were clean and the tubeless tires side casing hung in really solid through hard corners. The knobs on the Bontrager Race tires aren’t going to hike up to mud but for loamy dirt and better conditions they’re fast and hook up just enough. Dropper post performs as expected and I used it often. Seat is comfortable enough. I’ll have a better sense after a month or so when it breaks in. Shifting and gearing is exceptional. SRAM is turning me into a convert with the Eagle kit.


The front forks 110mm travel felt really very good but if you use this bike as an all arounder instead of a XC bike it’s going to be lacking. I live in the Sierra Nevada and I’ll take this bike to more challenging trials because I love the suspension feel, I’m just not going to huck this front end across a 5ft gap. If you decide to use it for more trial / all mountain then it’s worth trying out a 130mm off the front. The grips are ok, but don’t have a very nice feel to them. Also no lock rings so they’ll slip in time. I’ll look at swapping them out. Seat is a “maybe” right now but it doesn’t feel overly good. 2 hours on the bike and I was feeling it a little. Considering I do 20 hours a week on the bike I think that la a sign I’ll be swapping it out. I love race saddles but this doesn’t feel like to fits that bill. Either go full race or comfort but in between isn’t exciting for me. Wheels are a bit heavy but at this price point with all the feature this bike has I doubt I’ll swap them. The perform well so far. All in all this is a really nice bike, especially from a big name like Trek. I haven’t had a big name bike for a long time after I bought my first Santa Cruz back in 2003 but I’m very pleased with this. Great frame design. Great features and components and a really excellent price. This same bike from Ibis, Niner or SC would be a lot more expensive (maybe +$1000?) and with Covid inventory issues you wouldn’t be able to track those down. SC was a possibility for me but they are literally sold out of all 2021 bikes as of February until NEXT YEAR! I’d buy this one again and based on how nice this bike feels I’ll always look at Trek in the future.

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