Lynskey Performance Designs Summit 27.5 Full Suspension


  • 148 Boost spacing specific
  • 1X specific
  • 2.5" tire clearance
  • Horst link pivot design rear end
  • Fully tuned 3V/2.5AL aerospace grade titanium tubeset for stiffness, stability, precise handling, durability and comfort.


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[Aug 11, 2016]
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Point, Drop, Launch! Lynskey’s New Summit 29

I’m a regular “Joe” with a strong love of mountain biking and the time to write. I’m just under 6 ft tall and weigh in, depending on the time of year (motivation), between 170-180lbs. I just turned 46 years old. Most of my local riding is done on fairly tame North Carolina terrain. My friends and I make several trips to the NC Mountains throughout the year and get crazy.

When people ask me if I like my Lynskey, oddly an image of my old Swiss Army knife pops into my head. My dad bought the knife for me when I was 12 while on a business trip to Germany. Over 34 years of use it’s taken a beating but still has a classic beauty about it. I just gave that knife to my son as a gift before starting college. Titanium gives me the same feeling. There is nothing like ripping down Heart Break Ridge Trail with the confidence that if a rock pops up into the frame there will be no damage.
I’ve owned a few Lynskeys over the years. You can find my review of the Lynskey FS120 PRO29 here: and here: I started with a MT29 then upgraded to a PRO29, FS120 PRO29 and now a Summit 29. Financially I can only afford to stable one bike only. It’s taken me some time to figure out the perfect bike for my riding style and trails.
There were some interesting improvements/changes made between the FS120 PRO29 and Summit. I really like the new cable routing. Lynskey figured out how to shorten the cables with a more direct route. I may be old school here but there’s something to be said for ease of repair with external routing.
The Summit beckoned the return of the Horst link with which I was not entirely familiar but eager to experience. To me, it feels as though it does two things. First, it helps firm up the suspension for climbing. On my FS120 PRO29 I felt like the shock was doing all the work. The other thing I feel is that it gives a little extra snap to the suspension. When I bunny hop over a log, I get an extra little kick just before the rear wheel leaves the ground that propels the bike over.
Some Summit Drop Off Fun:
Lynskey went with a more contemporary geometry for the Summit. The FS120 PRO29 was good, this is better on the rough, tricky stuff. You can see the Geometry chart here:
Lysnkey showed off its flexibility, dedication to its product and customers by returning to the threaded bottom bracket. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!
I chose the Summit 29 120. I get the feeling when I’m riding it that it really wants to get NASTY! The bike excels going downhill, fast, and helps me clean the hardest rocky/rooty sections of trail NC has to offer. I’ve been pleased with the ability of the bike to climb. I thought by looking at the geometry chart that I would be giving up some there but that has not been the case. The Summit is longer than the FS120 PRO29 but has shorter chain stays so cornering was improved. The FS120 PRO29 never felt unbalanced to me but now that I’ve been riding the Summit, have noticed that it definitely had a higher center of gravity. I “feel” that lower center of gravity with the Summit and have enjoyed it. The 2.5 rear tire clearance that is published is no joke either.
If you are unaware, Lynskey’s Customer Service is second to none. I recently took them up on a tour of the plant while I was in Chattanooga for work. Mark Lynskey greeted me at the door with a hug. No kidding! He took an hour and a half to show me around. The man’s passion for bikes comes across clearly when he speaks. The southern hospitality of the company was apparent when meeting his mom, daughter, and other non Lynskey family members who work there.
Purely out of dumb luck I was slated to get one of the first Summits. It took a lot longer than they expected due to various things. Mostly, the delays where due to engineering changes and improvements. I was happy to be the beacon of patients for that kind of thing. It got to a point where I was going to be without a bike. I emailed Lynskey and Mark sent me his personal Summit to ride until mine was completed. Would any other owner of any other business have gone to such lengths? NO! Please remember that I’m nobody. I am a regular customer to Lynskey just like you.
The Summit ticks off all the boxes of what a mountain bike should do for me and my riding style. It’s fast, balanced and precise. The price of the frame is in line with or less expensive than similar bikes. The Lifetime Warranty and Customer Service make the entire Lynskey experience a value equaled by none.
My setup:
Lynskey Summit 120 29
SRAM XX1 Drive Train
XTR Brakes
I9 Enduro Wheelset
Pike Fork
Rockshox Reverb Dropper Post
ISM Saddle
ENVE Carbon Bars
XTR Pedals
Specialized Ground Control Rear Tir

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