Lenz Sport Revelation 27.5 Full Suspension


  • Frameset includes frame and rear shock
  • 650b wheels
  • 3 inches of travel
  • Tapered headtube


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[Oct 25, 2013]
Weekend Warrior


Handling handling handling
Ability to spec your own components


Occasional marital strife due to constant desire to ride

Previous ride was a 26” single speed that I loved for quick handling and simple, direct feel. My favorite rides are technical adventures… nothing but single track, up and down pitches that demand a pretty precise line. Trails here can be really rocky, often loose, sometimes sandy. Was really reluctant to go FS but needed a new ride that wouldn’t pound my old back and make those epic rides a bit easier. Was worried about the big-wheel feel that never felt right…I don’t want to ride over stuff, but like to carve the best line around and through things…it’s all about the corners. I was concerned that the move to bigger wheels and FS would sacrifice that connection to the trail. The Revelation 3.0 far exceeded my hopes. It’s basically an affordable off-road Ferrari without the reliability issues.

Lenz lets you spec your ride, so you’re not stuck with a brand-name component selection. They sent a suggested setup in a spreadsheet, and then I did a lot of research and ended up mixing Shimano brakes with SRAM drivetrain and splurged on the wheelset. Couldn’t be happier with the result. It took a few months to get it built, but worth the wait. Perfect out of the box. After 3 months, I have yet to change the shock from the trail setting because it’s just too much fun like this.

This thing loves to be moved around on…does not handle like a sofa on wheels like I feared. Subtle moves forward and back and side to side allow you to pick and hold really precise lines. And if you get in trouble it just rolls over stuff. But the best thing ever….at speed, lay it over coming into a corner, roll back a bit through the apex, and it just launches out of the corner…the best rush I’ve had in years. Low speed stability is astounding. I can basically crawl and even stop in the middle of a technical section and start again…it was a stunt before, now just an afterthought. 650b wheel size is no fad…perfect combination of quickness and roll-over capability. I have yet to stick a front wheel and do a slow endo, which was fairly common on my 26er.

The Hanz Dampf tires are the largest-volume tires I’ve ever ridden. They look like tractor tires from the cockpit, but so far loving them. Good flotation on sand, great grip on technical rocky climbs, but they're getting a bit torn up on the rocks. There’s not a lot of clearance between the tires and the frame, so on gravelly trails there is some pinging from pebbles sticking in the knobs and coming round and hitting the frame. Could be a problem with mud but don’t get much of that here. And every time I remove the wheels, I just can’t help but fondle them because they weigh nothing. So far they’ve stayed true after some pretty good licks.

The 1x9 X9 drivetrain was a great choice. I like to ride most stuff in one gear like a SS; I usually ride in a middle cog, and maybe shift up or down two gears if the trail has a lot of variation. But it’s also nice to have a gear low enough to grind up just about anything, and high enough to bring the adrenaline on flats or downhill. Not missing the other 9 or 18 gears in the least. And love the solid feel of SRAM shifters. Derailleur is the Type II clutch type; absolutely no chain drop issues no matter how rough or fast.

I resisted the move to FS from a hardtail SS for years. But now every trail is like new and twice as fun. And it's pretty cool having a hand-built ride that nobody has heard of. It's no over-priced status symbol. Check it out at http://www.lenzsport.com/detail.php?prodID=14 and don't look back.

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