GT Force 27.5 Full Suspension


With a short stem, wide bars, and a long front center, the rider has all the control that he needs for an All-Mountain bike. The Force now also featured 27.5? wheels, which means the rider has the roll-over-anything confidence he’d get with a 29? wheel with the maneuverability, handling, and braking power of a 26? wheel. The 27.5? wheel size coupled with the radical new suspension system, AOS, will elevate any rider’s mountain biking experience to the next level.


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[Oct 21, 2018]


I find that this bike does everything fantastically well. It climbs good, and descends methodically. The suspension is perfect. I absolutely love this bike and it’s predictable handling characteristics. It’s light and the frame is stiff.


The RockShox dropper posts only lasted a year. The hubs are curiously loud when coasting. This will annoy some folks but I actual like it because in the Boise foothills you have a ton of hikers. The loud hubs are kind of a “gang way” of sorts.

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[Nov 08, 2014]


Stiff yet comfortable carbon frame.
Low center of gravity
Stable at high speeds
One of best suspension at absorbing LARGE square edge bumps.
Climbing traction is amazing, unreal how it finds traction over loose and wet roots... partly due to tire. Had another bike with same tire that gripped less uphill.
Less pedal feed back when pedaling over large trail obstetrical. Slightly better than Maestro in this regard and noticeably better than VPP.
Great mid stroke support, run shock full open without wallowing.
The looks, not a big deal but for 4 to 8g bikes these days everything needs to be dialed.


Frame requires different derailleur dropouts between Shimano to Sram!!!?
2014 line up and build kits to the MSRP price is not good value. However if one can get it on sale then cost to performance increases (note comment apply only to the parts not frame)
Small bump sensitivity is only average compared rest of the bike.
Braking traction is average.
Bike feels cumbersome at slow trail speeds, anything slower than light jog.

Review is on a 2014 Force Carbon Pro model. In comparison to other 5 to 6.7 inch travel bikes.

The frame of the bike has a low stand over and more importantly a low center of gravity. At higher trail speeds to near DH speeds the bike bike performers admirably, however the Revelation fork (by no means bad) does reach it's limits in damping and stiffness way before frame is ready to call it quits, there are better forks to match the frame. More noticeable when charging into off camber bumps and step downs. When it comes to slowing down, at threshold braking the rear wheel does have less grip than say "Split Pivot", "Maestro" or "VPP". Again not bad just not top tear in this regard. Some good news is when going up hill the suspension has same if not better grip than the suspension mentioned prior. FSR is closes in comparison in finding grip going up hill but with absolutely no pedal bob unlike FSR. Also what is amazing is it achieves this with no pedal feedback. Yes less feed back than say VPP. The rear suspension is also one of the best I ever ridden at absorbing and tucking up and over large square bumps. Small bump sensitivity, especially during braking is only average, could be down to shock tune but with stock Fox Float FactoryTune CTD it feels ok but nothing out of ordinary. Plus side is bike rides higher in it's stroke and can take repetitive small to large bump without seizing up. Note for people who rides with very fast rebound. I personally ride with slightly faster than average rebound, comparatively speaking to friends I normally ride with. On this frame I did have to set the rebound 1 click from max fastest on the shock to archive a desirable feel.

The over all personality of the bike is one of hard charging. The bike feels absolutely dead at slower speeds. As in anything slower than a light jog. Did upgrade from the stock WTB i23 to Reynolds R27-AM wheelset. This took away some of the slow pondering feel of the bike in tight trails but note it still doesn't feel happy going slow. The new wheels just made it happier accelerating out of slow tight trails but doesn't mean it wants to go back in.

Other parts of the build of note
The formula T1S brakes are extremely light and has decent modulation and stopping power. But I feel miss match the over all intent and personality of the bike. XTR trail is a good replacement. The 60mm stem is acceptable, 50-45mm I feel would be a better match. Kore mega bars are perfectly suited to this bike, right width/fit and light for alum bar. 3X10 SLX cranks is odd, unless I am riding on Mars I feel 2x10 is acquitted. Cranks themselves are fine, just take out the big ring and put in a bash ring, etc for local conditions.

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[Apr 15, 2014]
All Mountain Rider


Downhills and all-around speed. This bike can handle rough stuff and bike park equally well - the perfect balance of nimble and stable. Climbs very well, holds speed on the flats, very pedal efficient. Square-edged bumps don't slow this bike down, and all the while the suspension remains active when pedaling.


Price is the only main one. But you're actually paying for a new suspension design, not the same bike with 650b/27.5 wheels like other companies. Would've liked to have shimano brakes, just to fit better on the handlebar and personal preference. BB might be too low depending on what you are riding and how much you lack in finesse. But I am really nit-picking. Since there's little jack/anti-squat forces while pedaling (like other designs), you are actually still deep in your sag through the rough stuff so learn to use it to your advantage.

Bottom line - this bike is plain fast . The geometry is right on, best frame design of the year! It looks sharp and expensive, the spec is really good. Reviewers were knocking the triple and the brakes, but I found the whole bike to have a great all-around build instead of an enduro-race only build that a lot of bikes in this category are spec'd with. Also don't listen to weight complaints, the wheels are light (making a huge difference) and all dropper posts are heavy. The bike rides light and that's what matters. Bottom line - this is the one mountain bike to own if you want something to handle the all-day epics, quick after work climb-and-bomb, and also want something to occasionally ride the bike park or race an enduro.

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