Fuji Reveal 27.5 Full Suspension


The Reveal is a capable trail bike ready to rip into more technical and challenging singletrack. 27.5“ wheels and 140mm of travel soak up rough trail and keep the bike balanced when the tires leave the dirt. The single-pivot suspension design is easy to set up and requires minimal maintenance letting you spend less time in the workshop and more time on the trail.


  Available Models:

  • Reveal 27.5 1.1
  • Reveal 27.5 1.3
  • Reveal 27.5 1.5


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[May 06, 2019]
Kick Ten Minutes


This bike is an outstanding value for the older crowd. While not "Premium" components they perform satisfactory for a bicycle. No they are not designed for 90 foot triples. I am a mechanic by trade so that gives me a decent eye for fit and finish. Also an avid BMX Rider back in the day and many years of MX. Re sale should be decent as well. Not an 800 loss after purchasing new. Those 2500.00 bikes sure do. Just my .02 of rambling. Got mail-order from Biked Direct.


Stock seat is my only gripe. Just as modern MX bikes seats are. Painful... 30.00 fixed it.

[May 19, 2018]


Picked this up for 799 from bikes direct Fuji reveal 1.3 2016 leftover. nothing needed any imeideiate upgrades the stock fork and rear shock are great and hold my Super cylde self just fine. the front and rear stock wheels and tires are ok but are 27.5x2.25 and do flex under my weight. if you are a normal sized person looking for a light strong bike and dont want to spend big bucks upgradeing things then this is a steal. the welds are supurb the bike finish is great i even love the metalicc gray paint. now i did upgrade some compomets only becuase i wanted to experiment and make the whhels bomb proof.e if you are under 250 lbs you wont need to do what i did, upgraded the front and rear wheels to 36H/40H front and rear Verlocitry Clifhanger clysdale wheelsets (warntyed for riders upto 300LBS! and YES i put WTB breakoout max grip 27.5x 2.50 wheels (they fit 1/8 inch clearenace side to side. no rubbing.) the single pivit is smoth, i notice no petal bob or other issues the front breaks were tight and grippy the rear needed to be re bleed and firmed right up after. i converted the drive train to 1x9 useing the stock 36/12 cassete repalced the rear derailer with a zee med cage used a 30t front narrow wide 104mm chain ring and a sram x9 shifter (1:1) (with a shim for the cable) and its perfect for my needs. i plan to add a brand x droper from cahin reaction in the futuer.


the bike is solid. but i do notice a slight creek in the rear shock mount to the rear triangle. cleaing and tightning it seems to get rid of it but it keeps comeing back. other than that i have not found any real issues with the bike in its stock cofig (i rode it a few weeks before upgradeing the wheels and the draive train to 1x9

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[Jun 08, 2017]
All Mountain Rider


No messing with component mix on the 1.1, they are all fantastic values in their own right. Manitou is great again. Great everyday grinder of a bike. Looks cool. Rides like an xc rig with heavy wheels.


Hefty stock wheelset.

I am back into mtb after a 5 year hiatus. After getting a little older and less fit, i decided it was time. I rode only Rocky Mountain products in the past due to brand loyalty and being narrow minded. This Reveal sure blew me away. I wanted a daily fitness bike out of the box and I ended up with a machine that is much more than that. It doesn't do anything exceptionally perfect but does everything well enough that you don't think about anything but riding. At the $1k price I paid I couldn't be happier. Single pivot is even working better than I imagined. If you need a budget mtb and don't care about pretty boy branding then give this Fuji a rip.

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