Evil The Calling 27.5 Full Suspension


Road trippin’, turn slashin’, side-hit-jibbin’, nose-bonkin’, sprint-climbin’ attitude, that’s the Calling. It’s anti-serious technology guarantees good times 69% of the time (the other 31% you’re climbing). With 130mm Delta delivered travel through our finest formed carbon tubing, 27.5" wheels, and trunnion-mounted-super-deluxe-rear-shock, your only decision is which colour. Push the button.


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[Aug 30, 2017]
All Mountain Rider


Ride quality, design, style, great suspension components


Fairly expensive bike (relative to other bike builds in the same price range), low BB/pedal height means more pedal strikes than I'm used to

I've had this bike for just about 3 weeks, and ridden about 200km so far. Taken it down a good number of trail/all-mountain rides, shuttling runs, and to the local bike park (Vancouver Island, British Columbia). The bike just rips! Slack geometry, long reach, medium-short chainstays all add up to a bike that just wants to pop off every root and rock, while still maintaining enough stability to monster truck through rocks and chunder. The RS Deluxe shock provides a lot of good mid-range support to push the bike against, but still ramps up well to avoid harsh bottoms. The bike definitely feels like it has more than 130mm of rear travel. Climbing is surprisingly efficient and grippy as well - the seat angle and roomy fit encourage me to spin up stuff that I wouldn't normally try, and there is little pedal bob (which can also be helped by the switch on the shock).

Compared to my previous bike (a 2015 Giant Trance SX), this bike is just more fun all around. The Trance was more balanced but didn't encourage the same fun style of riding.

There are probably better value bikes in this range as far as components package goes, but the Evil doesn't skimp where it counts - Pike, Deluxe shock, Guide brakes, Eagle GX drivetrain. The Raceface AR wheels have held up so far but I can't really speak to anything regarding long-term durability yet.

I'd say this bike is for riders who are focused on having fun jumping new lines, trying trailside jibs, and just messing around on the trail. It definitely pedals well enough for me to be comfortable on all-day excursions or big trips, but it probably won't be the fastest bike either up or down.

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