Vee Rubber Race-V 27.5 Tires


Vee Rubber Race-V 27.5x2.10 Folding Tire

The Vee Race – V is designed to be a winner be it for racing or general riding. Ramped and tapered center knobs for traction combined with diamond shaped transition knobs give great control. Tie bars between side knobs and transition knobs add control in corners. This tire is intended for multi-trail conditions but works best on soft – medium conditions.

  • 120 TPI
  • XC/AM tire
  • Folding bead
  • Dual tread compound


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[Apr 28, 2014]
All Mountain Rider


Fast Rolling, decent cornering in thin/loose debris.
Good braking. Not heavy. That's about it.


Tread is low profile so they wear out fast. That being said these never made it to that point.
Here is my experience:
This morning I was roused by a loud bang, thought there was a gas explosion. Nope, just the overly tight Kevlar tire bead snapped on my "Vee Rubber" tires and 60 PSI exploded out of the sidewall about 4 feet from my head. In Soviet Russia, Snooze button hits you. Well, I thought $8 for a tire seemed suspicious, happy it didn't happen coming down the mountain with a passenger. $50 for a tire seems reasonable now.

That's right, these were $8 at pricepoint during a closeout. Now I realize the tire bead runs small and that does not bode well for a kevlar bead under high PSI. I was running 60 PSI, but max is 65 so should have been fine. I am both relieved and frustrated that this tire blew out while my bike was sitting. All I can say is that as the temps warmed in the morning the air must have expanded just the littlest bit, 15 degrees is probably what did it. That being said, I would never, EVER buy this tire again unless I was XC racing on the cheap. I even more certainly wouldn't use this on the front. It measures out about 1.8" even though its a 2.1" tire so consider that when you are making tire selection.

Similar Products Used:

Maxxis, Kenda, Geax, Conti, etc.
I've never in my life seen a tire do this, and I run non-UST tires without tubes and with stans, so I'm used to a thin sidewall.

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