Enve Composites Twenty7.5 (650B) AM 27.5 Rims


For several years now, the rumblings of this mysterious middle wheel size have been heard around the industry and ENVE has been listening. When you put the pros and cons of both 26 and 29 inch wheels and the associated limitations on frames, suspension, and ride quality on paper, the best of both worlds seems to lie somewhere in between. When you put the unassuming 27.5 ( 650b) on dirt, all suspicions are confirmed. Riders report faster acceleration/deceleration than his 29” brother, and better obstacle clearing and traction abilities than his 26” brother. They say middle children are the most fun, ENVE might have to agree…


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[Jun 16, 2014]
Tom Leigh
All Mountain Rider


Stiffness, light weight, quality design, USA made



I just bought these and have only limited riding on them, but can already testify: awesome! My expectations were high after reading pro reviews. The Enve set replaced the original DT Swiss M1900 wheels on my Yeti SB75. The M1900s are heavy-duty wheels and heavy. I was prepared for a big improvement in acceleration and overall weight reduction. The biggest surprise, however, is the significant increase in stiffness and responsiveness. The bike is already very solid up front, with 34mm fork stanchions and through-axle. The Enve wheels, however, lock the front end to the trail. It goes just where it's pointed, and I found myself oversteering until I made the appropriate corrections. Power is transferred much more directly to the trail through the rear wheel, and most evident when climbing tight switchbacks. I did not realize how much my stock wheels were flexing until I rode the Enves.

Out of the box I mounted Maxxis High Roller and Ardent in tubeless format. The wheelset includes a tubeless tape and stem package. The stems in particular are the most advanced I've used, with a finely-machined lockring seating over a small rubber grommet. The seal to the rim is seamless. The tires mount easily by hand and inflated right away with a floor pump. Not one drop of sealant leaked from the spoke holes or bead. Perfection!

Test ride on my street revealed none of the pops and squeaks typical of new aluminum rims during break-in. That's probably a characteristic of carbon, but once again, perfection. The wheels are built on DT Swiss 240 hubs. I have much experience with these, and they are great.

Like I said, on the trail the difference is immediate. I am running higher pressure than on an aluminum set-up, per manufacturer and pro reviewer recommendations. I weigh 165 lbs and typically run 24R/20F. I started out at 30+, and still playing with various combinations.

I bought the wheelset from Competitive Cyclist for $2200 (excellent service, as usual). After adding rotors and new tires, it's a significant investment, to be sure. I often experience buyer's remorse after a big cash outlay. Not this time! With this upgrade I truly have an (unfair) advantage over my riding buddies, and no doubt have sparked numerous cases of Enve envy!

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