White Brothers Loop 120 TCR 27.5 Forks


The all-new Loop series from White Brothers represents the new benchmark in suspension performance. The innovative Aura damper harnesses the power of magnetism to efficiently and comfortably connect you with the trail. Featuring enough rebound, compression,and spring adjustments to fine-tune your preferred ride without requiring you to spend half the day knob-twisting, the Loop takes the guess-work out of the perfect setup. Five compression damping positions and an additional three for threshold let you simply, quickly, and effectively cater your suspension to the day’s trail and get down to what’s important: the ride. Paired with a sturdy and refined 32mm chassis and the supremely stiff and simple to operate QTapeR15 axle system, the Loop raises the bar.

  • Wheel: 26/650B
  • Travel: 80/100/120
  • Air: Spring
  • Tapered or 1.125" straight steer tube


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    [Nov 10, 2016]
    All Mountain Rider


    MRP customer support.. light, stiff enough for xc/trail, 26 or 27.5 compatible, taper steer tube.. It is smooth, rebound works great, all the knobs and everything really well made. Q taper axle is not a problem.. There is no extra fiddling and crap that people say about these or the MRP forks. If you think that it is extra work you really are a dumb ass and should not be Mountain biking.


    Maybe the compression dial, it has a few click of adjustment that do a little then it has a blow off type lock out with 3 or clicks of adjustment.. I find it works but I would like just more range of just the compression adjustments with out the magnetic blow off lock out thing.. But hey, that is how it is and sometimes I do lock out the fork and it is kinda sweet that it is there.

    This is a very good fork. I got it brand spanking new. It was new old stock so I got it for 300.00 bucks because it was 3 or 4years old at the time. The fork is really fricking good, it is so smooth and has good amount of adjustment for its intended purpose.
    Mine was super after about 6-or 12 rides it was fully broke in and I was able to ride choppy things so fast but keep control over the front end.. Can be adjusted from 12-130-140 internally and is easy to do.

    MRP supports this fork, you can get manuals, seals etc..

    The current MRP Loop fork is the same chassis but all the internals are different.

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