BOS Deville 170 650b-275 Fork 27.5 Forks


From the DEVILLE 160 platform, The DEVILLE 170 gets a running close to pure downhill fork.

The BOS damping signature: A full damping Control inspired by the best Downhill Forks.

3 way adjustable, (High and low speed compression and rebound), the open bath damping cartridge give the Deville a maximum damping quality: more grip, more energy, more suppleness and tolerance, for an efficiency fitted to your riding style.

BOS made it: an Air spring getting better performance than a coil spring. With less friction, a better progressiveness, a lighter weight, and a steady running, the BOS air technology flaunts better performance than a common coil spring.

Brand New in 2014:
-Colors : Black and white
-Biodegradable oil
-Wider range of adjustment
-New damping curve


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[Oct 10, 2013]
Barry Slingerland
All Mountain Rider


Smooooooooooooth. Unbelievably smooth. 20mm axle. Highly adjustable. Very stiff. Long service intervals. Oh, and it's really plush.


About 1/4 pound heavier than a Pike.

This is a review for the 160mm 650b version. When deciding between a Pike and a Deville, I decided to go with a Bos because of the difference in service intervals. The Pike requires twice as many oil changes. The Bos turned out to be more plush than I could have imagined, and very progressive also, saving the depths of its travel for when its really needed. Rebound, HS/LS compression adjustability is important to me 'cause I like to think I have my gear perfectly dialed, and the Bos has all that. Stiffness is incredible; the Deville feels more solid than any fork I have ridden in turns and when braking. Sections that used to make me nervous are fun, and I feel faster on all my regular descents. If you like going fast over rocky terrain, and prefer to maintain control, the Deville keeps your wheel pointing straight and soaks up the bumps like no other.

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