Vincero Design stratus24 + edge16 Water Carrier


Designed to mate to the edge16 mount quickly, easily, and cleanly, the stratus24 utilizes one half of a very strong magnet pair to offset the vibration and shock loading typically seen on roads and trails. Its unique design securely holds the bottle to the patent pending edge16 mount and effectively offsets forces exerted on it. Our largest bottle at 24oz. and a trim weight of 85g (including cap). absolutely won’t leak with the patented silicone valve. The 63mm wide mouth makes it a snap for filling with ice cubes, fluids, and electrolyte as well as allowing for easy cleaning.


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[Jun 03, 2012]
Cross Country Rider


Fits perfectly in small frames, stays attached to the magnet even during rocky descents, easy to remove and reattach while riding, easy to drink from


nothing major

I took a chance and purchased the stratus20 + edge16 to go onto my small Niner Jet9. My LBS ordered me a side swipe cage by Elite, but my 20oz Polar Insulated bottle didn't exactly fit, it even fell out during a ride. I tried a camelbak bottle with the same result. I couldn't really find where anyone had said for sure the Vincero Design system would work on my Jet9, but a few people were using them on their RDO so I decided to give it a shot. It fits the small frame perfectly! Installation is extremely easy. Removing the bottle while riding isn't very difficult and putting it back in is even easier. The biggest question when I tell people it attaches with a magnet is if it's strong enough going downhill. I ride cross country, but we have a couple sections that are rough down hills and the bottle stayed perfectly attached. I compared the Vincero bottle to my Polar Insulated, and the Vincero is a little wider and shorter, which is part of the reason it fits much better in my triangle on my small frame. I do miss the insulation from the Polar bottle, but the Vincero system works well enough to keep my drink cool. It's designed so that you can just squeeze it to drink from it, which I really like that as well. It didn't leak during my ride. Overall I would recommend it to anyone with a small frame, or if you're just looking to have a cleaner look on your bike. I wish the bottle caps came in different colors, the orange stands out a bit on my bike. The directions do recommend not washing it in the dishwasher, if your dishwasher gets really hot it can weaken the magnet over time. It's easy enough just to rinse with soap and water after a ride.

Here is a link to my instagram of the bottle attached to my bike.

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