Speedplay Nanogram Ultra Carbon Cage Water Carrier


27g is light for a water bottle cage -- and it's exactly what the Speedplay Nanogram Standard bottle cage weighs. But Speedplay wanted to go lighter, hence the introduction of the Nanogram Ultra Carbon Water Bottle Cage, tipping the scales at a scant 20 grams. The shape of the Nanogram Ultra is the same as the Nanogram Standard. The difference is the lay-up of the carbon fiber and the thickness of the swoopy arm. The arm here is a bit thinner. While it is light and beautiful, there are a few limitations that come with the svelte shape; the cages won't work well with oversized bottles, with behind-the-saddle cage mounts, or on bikes going off-road. Big bottles are passe, of course, so for normal road usage (and standard sized bottles) you'll get nary a hassle with the Nanogram Ultra.The Speedplay Nanogram Ultra Water Bottle Cage comes with a Speedplay water bottle and aluminum mounting bolts.

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