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With features and comfort that match your expectations of a top-tier mountain biking pack, the Syncro 12 is the ideal pack to carry a full day of gear in hot and humid climates. When you"re pedaling under the sun, staying cool is a priority and the Syncro 12 delivers with a 3D-tensioned “trampoline-style” AirSpeed backpanel—our highest level of ventilation. A contoured mesh backpanel keeps things extremely comfortable and bike-specific shoulder straps curve to mimic the position you assume when reaching for your handlebars, providing superior fit and stability while you ride. An included 2.5-liter reservoir makes certain you don"t go thirsty and an integrated removable raincover ensures weather won’t rain on your parade.

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  • 12L & 5L


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[Oct 30, 2021]


First off this is a review of the Syncro 12 comparing it to the nearly equal old model Viper 9 that it replaced. The review was prepared as one unit so all pros and cons are found here. Ok first I should note that a 3 star rating is being generous on my part. And secondly this is a comparison with a very similar older model the Viper 9 that this Syncro 12 replaced. If I had the choice I'd prefer another new Viper 9 instead but they are long discontinued. The reasons for me replacing are that the Viper bladder started leaking after many years of service but only when laid down flat and would empty. Also my dog chewed off the upper carry handle which is very handy and basically showing it's age. Let's start with detailed comparisons. The back of the pack is a wash, plus and minus. the plus is that the metal frame with stretched mesh between is more comfortable and does actually allow air in there to keep the back more try. The minus is that the metal frame keeps the pack from standing up when set down. It will fall down on it's face every time. The bladder is a big minus. The old bladder was a dream- nice handle to quickly pull it our, easy on/off screw lid and a rigid back that allowed the full bladder to be simply dropped back in, zip up the space and away you go. Not anymore. No more handle, no more screw on lid and no rigid back. You can pay an extra 40 bucks for a rigid bladder. Why didn't they just include that with every one in the first place like with the old packs? Money, that's why. It used to take 10 seconds to remove the bladder and put it back in less filling time. It's now 5-10x that amount of time. The new one must first be disconnected in the middle of the hose, then unclipped and wrestled out if still half full. The reason for the clip is because the bladder is like a balloon that will collapse if not held up in place by a clip (no rigid back). Once you get the thing out there is a long horizontal slide clip to be slid off and then open the bladder like an envelope, hard to figure out. The long clip is attached with a plastic "string" that you know will someday break, lose the clip and now buy that rigid replacement. Once filled you must fight to get the "blob" back down in the hole especially if you have extra layers in the main storage. Again, no rigid back = hassle.. The sternum strap clip is redesigned for the worse and more difficult to use. The new style bite valve is also worse now because it takes 2 hands to operate it e.g. no lon


There are many. See above.

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