Hydrapak Delta 03 Water Carrier


Category: Cycling/Sport
Fluid Capacity: 70 fl oz / 2070 ml
Pack Capacity: 180 cu in (expanded)
Color: Red, Navy, Red Rock

Pack Features:

  • Combination 3D Mesh and closed-cell foam back for insulation and ventilation
  • Two side access storage compartments with mesh expanders
  • External bungee cord for on-the-fly gear stashing
  • Money pocket with key clip and elastic gear organizer
  • Open mesh shoulder straps
  • Adjustable/removable waist strap and elastic sternum strap
  • Eight points of reflectivity including light loop
  • EasyFlo Shut-Off valve and Reversible Reservoir


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    [Apr 12, 2003]
    Ben Vallack
    Weekend Warrior


    Great overall design (outside and inside), redesigned bite valve is brilliant, bladder does not leak and is easy to clean and dries quickly, can be filled up when in bag. Very comfortable.


    Did not come with the shut off bite valve so | will have to upgrade. However the normal valve is still brilliant - it just opens if you accidentally rest the bag on it or anything like that. Other than that easily fixable problem I cant see any problems!

    I am really pleased with this product. The features are so well thought out and from what I can see, from their website and use of the product, it has been significantly redesigned since they were under the Blackburn brand. They now have a new bite valve which holds water in very well until you bite it and then it allowes for a good consistent flow and is easy to grip in the mouth. It is possible to make a few tiny drops come out by flicking the end really hard but this no doubt wouldn't happen with the superior shut off valve which I will upgrade to. It looks great, the bladder design works really well, doesn't leak, is easy to fill and clean. The overall quality of the product is very good, positive zips and materials. I recommend hitting their website as it shows the features best. I would agree with everything it says about its products, they are great. However look out for which models come standard with the shut off bite valve, mine didn't and I'm not sure which ones do. I would recommend getting a Hydrapak.

    [Apr 09, 2003]
    Scott Edwards
    Cross Country Rider


    Comfortable, adequate reservoir for all but the longest rides, inner zipper pocket with key leash. WIDE opening is easy to clean and fill - better than the newer Camelbacks.


    When new, the bite valve is tight and tends to pull out of the hose as easy as it releases from the "lock" position (seems to be getting better tho...) I guess I can add a zip tie to it if it doesn't loosen up more.

    This seemed to be the nicest sized water/pack for my needs. I often wear a fanny pack and use a water bottle during cooler weather, but it's warming up and I needed to replace my current Jandd pack (which was a good pack). The LBS has the Hydrapack and I decided to give them a try. Nice pack, well made and looks pretty good. It is easy to fill/clean and has room to carry a few tools, spare tube, patches, Cliff bar, and pump in the left pocket. The right pocket (smaller) has a nice small zipper pouch with a key leash - convenient for cash and change, etc...

    I figured the 70 oz. size will work as I can carry a W/Bottle on my bike for another 28 oz or so. Almost bought the smaller Tracker, but liked the extra pocket on this one. This pack is small enough to possibly even be a racer-compatible pack, but has room enough for most weekend/after work trail rides. Those looking for the gonzo endurance ride might want to check out their larger packs - more water and room.

    Keep the rubber side down!

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