Hydrapak AS Trail Water Carrier


fluid capacity - 70 fl. oz./ 2.0 l.
gear volume - 195 cu. in. (3.2L)
empty pack weight - 1 lb. 3 oz./ 542.9 g.

  • Main front zip pocket has Hydratunes cord port and Gizmo gear pocket for mp3 player and helmet light, mesh shoulder straps with sternum strap and removable elastic waist strap
  • Air Scoop design features larger pods for comfort and ventilation and a molded back so the pack keeps its shape even when fully stuffed with gear
  • Fully insulated reservoir compartment has 4-way tube routing: top or bottom routing possible
  • Full feature Reversible Reservoir drink system with Plug-N-Play valve


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    [Mar 22, 2007]
    Cross Country Rider


    Lots of storage space with a hook & pocket for keys/phone.
    Easy to fill/clean bladder.
    Air channel really makes a difference.
    Easy to use locking mechanism on bite valve.


    The elastic on the pocket doesn't make it too secure.
    Bite valve seemed to leak a bit.
    With full bladder, the storage space suffers.

    I wanted to try Hydrapak so I gambled on the AS Trail. I am very glad that I did. The bladder doesn't have a screw-on lid like most other systems but rather a roll-top with velcro. I know that sounds bad and I was skeptical, but it really does hold water well. I filled it up and squeezed and couldn't get it to leak. Additionally, the bladder is easily pulled inside-out so that makes drying and cleaning a breeze. Oh yeah, the hose disconnects from the bladder so you can take the bladder out without snaking the hose through the system - the connection is also excellent, no leaks.

    The construction of the pack is perfect. Nothing is coming apart, no loose threads. The straps stay tight. I did find that the chest strap (I didn't even try to use to waist strap) kept pulling my jersey up exposing my lower back to mud - a problem made worse, I suspect, by the air channel pads. But when I disconnected that strap everything was fine. The pack has a curved rigid side that works in tandem with four pads to keep contact at a minimum and keep air flowing over your back. This worked great - even in high Central Texas humidity after a period of heavy rain.

    The pack has lots of storage space - nearly as much storage space as water space. I would like to see some sort of expandable system for the gear compartment. If you fill the bladder up, things get pretty cramped. The gear compartment has a pocket to keep some things available/safe and has a little clip so they stay put. The elastic on this pocket could stand to be a little tighter so it holds the pocket closed. Not a big deal and it hsan't been an issue for me. This is also a cord-port so you can run headphones or headlamp cables from the pack. Good feature although I don't really take advantage of it.

    The bite valve may be the only real problem the system has. It's a very simple system and gives water readily. Once I got used to how the valve acted, it wasn't too bad. Part of my problem may have been that I'm used to a straight valve and this one was a L-bend. Probably not going to be an issue for others. The valve's tendency to premature hydration is the only thing holding this pack from 5 chillis overall.

    Plenty of room for rides of a few hours. Elastic cords to hold jackets and such. Great deal for any sort of rider.

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