Dakine AC Nomad Water Carrier


Once you're finished giving your local lift-access bike resort all the business it can handle, slide out of that sweaty little room you call a full-face helmet and strap it to the back of your DAKINE AC Nomad Hydration pack. Your body armor also locks onto the back of the Nomad so you can enjoy cool breezes as you pedal home. Your sunglasses and MP3 player have fleece-lined pockets to keep them safe. The included 100oz reservoir takes care of all your hydration needs so you don't have to worry about water bottles exploding all over the trail as you huck yourself, and the ventilated back panel directs airflow between your back and the pack to keep you cool. The Nomad does everything but ride the bike for you.


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[Jan 09, 2014]
All Mountain Rider


Great fluid reservoir, easy to fill/use/drink from as well as quick cleaning. Plenty of room in the pack for all my items during quick out and backs to all day epics. Very comfortable on my back, good ventilation and comfortable straps. The hydration tube features a very easy/on/off function, and a great clip on the chest strap for securing during riding. Funny, at first I didn't like the white zippers on my blue pack (thought they were too bright), but it makes finding the zipper ends really easy instead of fumbling with darker versions.


The only weakness I can think of is price...but most good quality hydration packs in this class are north of $100. I paid $109 through Price Point and have been very happy with the value.

Having owned both a CB Rogue and MULE, I was looking for another option in hydration packs besides something with a BAK in it. Also,,,CAMELBAK as a company signed the letter to the President (Obama) to close Moab to all vehicular traffic and make it a National Monument...not cool. So, very happy that my $$$ went to a company that doesn't support trail closures. A very comfortable pack, lots of room for everything, and love the convenience of the hydration bladder, easy out, easy fill, and easy pack away.

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