Arundel Sideloader Cage Water Carrier

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The side loading cage utilizes the same manufacturing processes as Arundel's other cages, therefore the quality is up to their high standard. Instead of building this cage to be all things to all people they concluded a specific, one piece shape works best. Arundel could have made it a "flip-flop" or a "reversible" design with two or three pieces, so one could mount it right or left, down tube or seat tube. But, they didn't think instructions should be required reading to use a water bottle cage. Arundel's Sideloader doesn't need to do everything. It just needs to work great on the seat tube of a smaller or a compact frame. And it does. We keep getting back to a basic tenet of Arundel; keep it simple. The Sideloader is really a ? loader, since it's easier to holster the bottle that way. Try it and you'll see. The Sideloader also comes with a longer spine channel with additional mounting holes, in order to fit as many brands and sizes of frames as we can. Just because your frame is small doesn't mean you have to have a goofy-looking cage. To this end, we spent many hours refining our Sideloader to blend with their Dave-O design.

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