Topeak Toolbar 11 Tools


  • Tools: 11 total
  • Allen Wrenches: 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm
  • Tire Levers: Two Super Hard Anodized Aluminum Levers
  • Torx Bit: T25
  • Tool: Material Hardened Steel Bits


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[Aug 13, 2011]
Cross Country Rider


Function, fit, and finish. The engineers at Topeak really did a nice job on this one.


Tire levers are rather small but are definitely better than NO tire levers.

Great design. It is well made, small and sturdy. This "Toolbar" has everything I need.

I don't use it for home repairs (I have regular shop tools for that.) but I would recommend everyone to get one of these to throw in your bag...

If I ever loose this one, I will definitely get another one.

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[Jun 23, 2011]
Cross Country Rider


Small, light, strong, 'customisable' - to a degree (read below).


Significantly heavier than claimed (still light).
To get small size, sacrificed op to store another couple of bits inside at min extra weight and free up a couple of spots for user-chosen bits. Needs ultra-light chain tool accessory.
Could also slightly lengthen levers and improve by at least plasticising the ends (similar to topeak's other excellent levers, but smaller).
Uses 'cut down' (shortened) bits. This is a good thing due to weight. BUT. Separate case for bits won't take regular length bits. Shame. Would have added almost nothing to weight and made a big difference in terms of customisability and therefore overall functionality by allowing user to pick 4 bits from existing collection.

First, MTBR description doesn't mention this also comes with both flat and X screwdriver bits.
Let's start +ve. I'll find weaknesses all day. With a tool that is as necessarily compromised as a tiny, light bike-tool, that is v unfair. This is a great little tool and to make it great, a lot of painful compromises had to be made. This leaves you with one of the smallest, lightest tools, that still retains good functionality and strength.
To save weight for XC/AM, I work out $ per gram and buy stuff in rank order. You don't spend $$$ to save 7g from your shifters and do a load of work when you can spend $40 and save 500g from your pack. Or $20 and save ggg from your multi-tool.
Turns out this tool came high up on the list of $/g savings, so took the plunge. Knew I'd need to take the chain-tool from other tool on top of this to have what I needed.
Now the first major -ve.
Toolbar, and little case it comes with containing rest of bits (that give it the 11 funcs it is purported to have) combined weight is 85.5g - weighed by me (published weight 68g = complete lie.)
Could be typo? Meant 86, typed 68?
Or, if you accept the quoted lighter weight, then 11funcs is the complete lie as you'd have to leave four bits and case out (which is of course an option you can take). There's a complete lie there somewhere. Take you pick as to exactly what it is. I don't appreciate complete lies from corps I pay.

OK. Having cleared up the utter falsehood of the marketing.

Add my chain-tool poached from old (and excellent/cheap) Filzer multi-tool from MEC and I get to 139g.

This chain tool is also a multi-spoke wrench and has slots for nuts. Which between tool-bar and chain-tool gives me a v light and versatile, functional bit of kit for not a lot of $.
A decent regular multi-tool with levers weighs in at about 260g+, so a saving of 120g+ for $20 = <17cents per gram saved. Nice.
Compare that to Ti rotor bolts and other BS to fool the mathematically challenged! Lol.
A nice touch is (or can be*) that one of the levers has a hex nut-wrench that perfectly fits the bits with the tool - and regular bits. This means that if you have components that need TWO bits the same (one either side - like for example a shock mounting bolt) then using one bit in the lever, and one in the tool at the other side, you can use it for such jobs just by bringing a 2nd hex-bit of the right size. This is why it would be nice if you could fit regular bits in the little separate case that comes with the tool. Maybe you can buy the stubby bits easily and I just don't know about it. Still, it's a PITA when I have loads of appropriate bits and making the case hold them might add literally 1.5g. Obviously other bits can be brought loose, or in another holder but it's not as good as if they would fit in that separate case. Topeak could still supply the stubbies to keep weight down, but users could supplement with whatever extras they want.
Anyway, I could nit-pick all day. This is a great 1st gen of this tool. If you are looking to save weight, this is likely to be better value than most other things you can do (other than eat one fewer pack of lard per day and not wearing your fishing waders to ride in).

The list for the next gen:
Publish correct weight. (!!!).
Make it two-bits longer, freeing up two empty spaces in accessory case, which is redesigned to also hold regular bits.
Increase length of levers thanks to two-bit extension and plasticise biz end.
Make biz end of tool narrower so can fit in tighter spaces lengthwise.
Mod handle so levers can be mounted accross it forming a T-handle for more torque with tool being used lengthways.
Machine out handle and mount one of the levers there instead to retain dust-proofing and strength, but cut weight.
By 2nd and 3rd gen, this could be as good as bike-tools get in terms of price/performance/weight (and hopefully marketing truth).
Obviously, others would totally disagree with half my observations and say almost the opposite. So, maybe there's room for two iterations. The real weenie version that's even smaller, and also the version I describe.
I hate lying marketing, so v tempted to knock two off for that (as I didn't get the weight saving I expected and/or was promised). But I'll just knock one off as I still like the thing and still save weight at v good cost per gram.
5 for value.
4 overall. 5 if you like being lied to.
Fire whoever did it. And don't let them pretend that they got me to buy it and recommend it. Send them to me to make that argument. I'd be tempted to beat their lying worm ass to a pulp with this tool. ;)
MTBers sometimes buy stuff based in no small part on weight. To misquote that weight is a serious problem that inevitably leads to wasted time/money, associated disappointment and dilike/distrust of the liars. Topeak, sort it out.

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