Sette Torx ST-217 Chainring Nut Wrench Tools


The Sette Torx ST-217 Chainring Nut Wrench is a simple, straightforward tool for use when working on chainring bolts. The Torx ST-217 can also be used for the same purpose on replacement derailleur hangers.


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[May 09, 2011]
Cross Country Rider


Cheap. Does job. Powder coat. Hole in handle to hang off chain or hook, add to split-ring of small tools or whatever.



I was going to just make one of these. Let's face it, it's a bit of metal sheet with a couple of notches cut in the end and then a right-angle bend.

But, they are so cheap, that it is not worth your time, IF, like me, you are ordering something else anyway so shipping is effectively free.

Obviously, most chainrings use double-hex bolts now. And that is a v good thing. But, if you work on older/shimano stuff (the masters at using annoying parts to frustrate the home mech - which is just another reason why SRAM is the way to go IMO) then this is a handy thing to have sometimes.
The powder-coating (I guess it's vinyl), is a needless 'luxury' on this tool. Adding cost, wasting energy, wasting materials, and damaging the environment for nothing.
Do away with the powdercoat and be proud of the fact it isn't there. This tool never requires much torque, you use it to hold the 'crappy' side of the chainring whilst you use a hex on the 'good' side. More torque is always on the hex. If padding were needed (won't be), there are such things as cloths/gloves, random pieces of junk, etc. So get rid of the powder-coat, increase margin, boast about mimimizing environmental impact of production, stamp/punch the branding in. Will last longer. Or just paint it onto the metal itself.
This plastic would have been a nice touch, before we worked out as much needless plastic crap as possible has to be got rid of if we want a planet with a functional biosphere.
Rant over. Tool is fine. Just lose the plastic that does nothing useful on this item. Charge same price. Boost margin. Take env step in right direction.
-1 rating for needless, thoughtless plastic.
NB, I ain't knocking plastics as a whole, I am tapping some right now to create this review, but where you don't need it, don't waste it.

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