Park Tool TL-5 Heavy Duty Steel Tire Lever Set Tools

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Anyone who has dealt with a heavy, wire-bead DH or freeride tire knows how tough it can be to change it. The Park Tool TL-5 Heavy Duty Tire Lever Set (two levers) has what it takes to deal with this problem. Tight, stiff-bead tires that would snap plastic levers like twigs are no match for steel TL-5 Levers. Not only are they strong, but these heavy-duty tire levers are a full eight inches long for added leverage when you need it most.


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[Aug 04, 2009]
Cross Country Rider


Good quality, lots of leverage, very sturdy, hooks onto bead very well.


Will put scuff marks into rims, and scrape the coating off of powdercoat rims due to the beadblasted surface.
Only 2 levers

I have broken all other plastic levers after a few uses, and decided to go with an all metal one. The first use to change it, I found that they can easilly pull both beads and tube off the rim in one shot, which is good for a quick tire change.

Warning: These WILL put light scuff marks in a rim without protection! I found that a good way to fix this is to get a rubberizing coating like plasi-dip, then dip claw half into the dip a good 4-6 times with a 2 hour wait between dips untill you have a fairly thick coating. Let it dry untill it doesnt have a trace of solvent smell. If your tires are tight enough to split this coating, dip it 2 times, then take some sort of cloth, but not fuzzy (almost like a bed sheet) and wrap it around once, then dip again.

Who should buy it: Those who want a very dependable tire lever and wont mind scuffing their rim, or doing a lil bit of DIY work.

Who shouldn't buy it: Those who are concerned about weight, dont want to do work to the lever / dont want to scuff their rims, and those who don't want to spend alot of money on a tire lever. Also not for those who buy big just in case.

I am overall quite satisfied with this product, but it isn't for everybody

3.5/5 ( rounded to 4 ) for value because it only contains 2 levers ( I don't count the rim scuffing problem as that is the nature of metal tire levers )

and a 5/5 because the tire levers are very solidly built, and can take anything off of a rim.

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