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Amassing all of the specialty tools needed for your home shop is often a lifelong pursuit. Between the cost of such dedicated tools and ever-changing industry standards, your tool chest is almost always short one tool or another. The lowly truing stand is a tool that often gets overlooked, perhaps for some because tweaking the near-magical balance of a good wheel gives them night sweats, or because of the other tools needed to get the most from a stand. The Feedback Sports Wheel Truing Station's simple, easy-to-use design makes it the ideal choice for home mechanics, and the fact that you won't have to remove the tire to do the job (even massive 29er meats) makes it all the more accessible. The one-armed design makes easy work of wheel maintenance and repairs. The stand can be placed on top of any Feedback Work Stand, or it can stand alone on its sturdy plastic 8 x 10in (203mm X 254mm) base which features organizing slots for wheel tools like spoke wrenches and tire levers.The unique 20in (508mm)long, one-arm design uses your wheels' standard quick releases to secure the wheel in place. As convenient as this is, it does not allow for the truing of any wheel with a thru-axle hub, so early-adopting mountain bikers may want to look elsewhere. It provides easy access to spokes while offering ample clearance for large wheels with tires installed. The run-out indicator can slide all the way up the arm to allow truing of disc brake rotors, taking care of annoying rubbing. The Feedback Sports Wheel Truing Station is made of durable anodized aluminum and weighs in at 7.8lbs (3.5kg) for a nice balance of stability and portability.


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[Jul 23, 2012]


It gets the job done, paid for itself in one use. The local bike shop wants $25/wheel to tru.
Holds 29er with tire on.
No plastic wrapping.
Good instruction, well flowing. (If you need it)


No convention markings for beginners, i.e. dial adjustments, nipple turning. I put some sharpee markings, it just made things flow faster.
Dial gauges can be hard to feel, the click.

Scale marked in 2mm, adjust 0.1mm per click. 20 clicks per mark. Resolution error tells us we can tru a wheel to a +/-1mm tolerance. This was my first attempt of truing a wheel and I know I did much better than that. The dial gauges spin on a worm gear, and have a "springy" action to them. When you spin the wheel you can judge the movement of the marked scale relative to the scales base. That is why I say that a +/- 1mm truing tolerance is minimal.

I gave it 4 value: I paid less than $60 shipped new, but I feel like this product should sell for $50.
I gave it 4 overall: The instrumentation is cheap, but another strength DTI gauge can be fabbed in. Which would make this a 5+ pepper truing stand. Being that it is ultra portable and store-able.

I am happy, my wheel is tru and I paid $0 for service :)

[Jul 09, 2008]
Cross Country Rider




PITA to use. Cheap and imprecise.

The stand is kind of inexpensive, which was attractive. And you can use it on a coffee table while sitting in your living room versus the Park stand which will require an additional base or mounting to a workbench. BUT the long and short of it is that it really isn't an ideal stand for anything more than quick truing and maybe building really crude disc wheels where you aren't too concerned with runout. The indicators on the stand are really imprecise and are easily bumped out of position when you flip the wheel to check for rough dish.

Bottom line? Save your money and a little bit more and buy a Park TS-2. WAY easier to use and way more precise. Or if you are really incapable of saving money go ahead an buy one and be aware that it is annoying to work with, at least the first few times.

It only gets 2 chilis for value because for maybe twice as much you can find the Park stand new.

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