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There is some mystique about a shop with a dirty, well-used workspace, littered with tools specific to long-obsolete components, lengths of housing, five-speed derailleurs, and other shiny, greasy homages to a life of caring for all kinds of bicycles. Once the bubble of the daydream is popped, however, it becomes apparent that tools have a tendency to... shall we say, wander. An organized workspace is a functional workspace, and even if you love to let the hours slip by making adjustments, cleaning, and tuning your machines, the reality is that time spent wrenching is time not spent riding. With that in mind, we present the Feedback Sports Tool Tray.The Feedback Sports Tool Tray easily attaches to any Feedback repair stand and will keep your tools, cleaners, and lubes organized and close at hand at all times. Its heavy-duty plastic construction won't deteriorate if exposed to chemicals, and in fact the large basin can be used to soak parts in degreaser. It even features a drain for convenient clean up. Drop your chain in the basin and let degreaser do the dirty work while you replace cables and align the derailleur hanger.The 2.75 x 10 x 14.5in (69.9 mm X 254 mm X 368 mm) Feedback Sports Tool Tray provides labeled Allen wrench storage (2 - 8mm) to eliminate guess work, which not only saves you time while you're making the repair, but also when a tool wanders away. Since Allen wrenches are only part of the starting lineup for most repairs, the Feedback Sports Tool Tray includes room for cable cutters, fourth hand tools, and screwdrivers. It also features a cup holder for 12oz beverages or your stickered coffee mug so you can enjoy a refreshing beverage while fine tuning your ride.


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[Sep 29, 2005]
Cross Country Rider


This is one HEAVY piece of molded plastic. Nothing flimsy about it. The removeable drain plug for the large compartment is a nice touch (for washing parts in), although I don't think I'll ever use it for that. The drink holder is essential for holding your favorite beverage while wrenching!


No designated slot for the 2.5mm hex wrench (picky, picky, I know.)

This is a nifty little accessory for your Ultimate Pro workstand, and an essential one if you are working somewhere with no place to layout your tools. If it seems expensive compared to some other tool trays, just compare the weight and construction side-by-side. The Ultimate was built to last a lifetime. The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 chilis is that I wish it were a tiny bit smaller, so that I could tuck it away in the carry bag, along with the repair stand.

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