Specialized Air Tool Pro Pump

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  • Switch-Hitter head technology
  • Oversized gauge for easy viewing
  • Cast Aluminum base
  • Aluminum barrel
  • Body Geometry inspired handle


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[May 28, 2010]
Cross Country Rider


Works well when new, achieves high pressure easily when new


Poor internal build quality and durability
Gauge is inaccurate

I ride 4-5 times per week, I have had recurring issues with wearing pumps out. I bought this one on many recommendations, but I guess they were shop recommendations which are suspect.

The outside makes it look like it's built like a tank, the inside of this pump is cheap junk. The gauge on mine stopped reading accurately within the first season of use.

This year (beginning of second season) it started squeaking and became harder to pump. It finally failed yesterday with a blowout (and it also blew my tire out). I took it apart, the inside is all corroded and it appears the shaft was beginning to seize up. All the plastic/rubber pieces inside were fairly torn up as well. It appears the shaft and/or plunger started to corrode, then started to seize, and then the plunger broke off. This might be fixable, but the shaft appears to have a pressed on fitting on the end and is not designed to be disassembled. This pump has NEVER been left outside and has never been exposed to water, so the corrosion is inexcusable when it is usually the most expensive pump on the floor.

Looks great on the outside, costs a lot so it must be good, but it's just more cheap junk!

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[Sep 20, 2008]
Weekend Warrior


Stable, heavy, strong metal cylinder. Everything from the pump mechanism to the handles appears to be extremely sturdy and of high quality. Even has a pressure-release valve on pump handle. Looks great. Was awesome when it worked.


Hose snapped off at base after two months light, careful use. Also, gauge a bit hard to read. It's at the pump base and printed with "edgy" font. Larger, simpler font or moving gauge higher on pump body would be better.

I purchased this pump under the impression that it was extremely high quality, and that it could provide good service for many years if properly maintenanced.

Instead, the hose failed after a fewer than a dozen uses.

The problem? The air hose attached to the base via a brass element that is crimped around the air hose. The sharp edges of this element apparently dug into the soft rubber of the hose and, with the addition of high air pressure from pumping, caused the hose to leak -- and then shear completely, after fewer than a dozen uses.

Further, although the hose is plenty long, it is difficult (due to this crimped attachment) to repair on one's own. I initially assumed this would be a simple repair, so I snipped off the unevenly sheared hose and attempted to loosen the crimping with a screwdriver but had little luck either removing the remnant bit of hose or widening the element to the point where I could insert the "repaired" hose.

Undeterred, I contacted my local Specialized dealer to investigate options. Because I purchased unit out of state, and not at their shop, I didn't expect the moon from them. However, I hoped to hear that Specialized would take the product back, and that after a short wait, I might be sent a new unit or replacement part.

Instead, I was told that I must deal with the shop in Iowa from which I purchased the pump (Irwin's has a good reputation and would likely have exchanged my faulty pump, but it's 300 miles away), or purchase new pump tube assembly (with brass element and pump head/nozzle)for $18.

I asked about a direct return to Specialized, but was told by a shop mechanic that Specialized (corporate) doesn't honor returns in these situations, and that it's basically up to the shops to deal with defective merchandise. Understandably, my local shop's policy was not to offer replacements on items purchased at other stores.

For now, I'm patching the breach with electrical tape. Did I mention this is an $80 pump?

While it's occured to me that the mechanic could have simply been trying to get $18 out of me, this response is generally consistent with my experienced with Specialized:

I love my Roubaix Pro, but it came with ridiculously poor wheels that I had to replace soon after purchase;

I like the look and fit most of the Specialized clothing (gloves, jerseys, shoes) I've bought, but it is expensive and hasn't held up nearly as well as other, often much cheaper, items I own;

I like the comfort of the Body Glove seats, but the Avatar that came with my bike has sueded gel "inserts" that severely abraded an $80 pair of bike shorts after a handful of rides.


Considering the cost of this pump, I don't think I should have had to pay a dime to have it serviced for an obvious defect.

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