Lezyne Alloy Drive High Volume Hand Pump

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Life is filled with unexpected setbacks. Unfortunately, these happen all too often on the trail. That's why the Lezyne made the Alloy Drive Pump. Featuring the same shape and dimensions as the Carbon Drive 2, the Alloy Drive Pump gives you all of the performance at a fraction of the price.The Lezyne Alloy Drive Pump features a CNC-machined aluminum handle, barrel, and shaft. The use of rigid, precise materials allows the Alloy Drive to inflate tires to riding pressure with 30% fewer strokes than conventional hand pumps. The oversized piston and handle are integrated into the body of the pump, and form a sleek, unassuming design. The Alloy Drive Pump comes outfitted with the Lezyne ABS Flex Hose. This feature is a huge ergonomic advantage for roadside inflation. With the ABS Flex Hose, you don't have to strain to match valve angles. Simply fit the Slip-Fit System valve head to the stem, and pump away at an angle of your choosing. The Flex Hose is also equipped with the Air Bleed System for even greater accuracy in pressure regulation. For a low-profile, the Alloy Drive utilizes a compact design that stows the hose inside the pump handle when you're not using it. The Lezyne Alloy Drive Pump is available in sizes Small (170mm, 112g) and Medium (216mm, 128g), and includes a Composite Matrix mounting bracket. The Tech Drive HV has a maximum of 90psi, and is only compatible with Presta Valve fittings. The Alloy Drive is available in the colors Black and Red.


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[May 21, 2012]
All Mountain Rider


Best hand pump ever. It is small and does not take up much room in my bag. The threaded hose keeps you from ripping off valve stems and gives you a lot more freedom of motion while pumping. I have filled many 2.5" tires with this pump and it takes significantly less time than other hand pumps I have had in the past. The build quality is fantastic, everything is metal and nearly invincible. You should buy this pump.


This pump has weaknesses? After two years of too much use I still have not found any. If you were careless and lost the hose that would be pretty weak...

Sweet pump that is definitely worth the money,

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