Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Pump

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-A precision high-volume floor pump optimized for use with mountain bike tires -Made with a CNC-machined aluminum barrel and base, steel piston, and varnished wood handle with an oversized contoured grip for comfort -The barrel, piston, hose and connectors are oversized to deliver double the air flow per stroke to quickly fill tires and seat tire beads on tubeless tire systems -Equipped with ABS (air bleed system) chuck to allow release of back pressure and eliminate the chance of unthreading Presta valve cores -Oversized 2.5" diameter gauge assembly, 70psi max


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[May 21, 2013]


Amazing valve coupler (chuck), pressure-bleed button, long soft flexible hose, high volume per stroke, smooth action, nice wooden handle, stable 3-prong footing, simply looks and feels sturdy, my best floor pump ever!


Maybe not a quickie pump, but I'm never in that much of hurry; maybe counter-intuitive if you over think it; high price.

Mechanical genius! The positive-engaging, positive-pressurizing, positive-reading, positive hose DE-PRESSURIZING, and just overall positive feel of this pump is downright awesome. It's a world's apart from other floor pumps. Now I love pumping my MTB tires to the precise pressure every time.

The only catch for some people might be the air movement action. There's no contact inside the coupler (chuck) to engage and open your Presta valve's inner needle — it's just the adequate forward pressure that does it! So if you're the gentle and cautious type, it may fool you into thinking there's something missing. Of course you shouldn't overtighten the coupler onto your valve. But once the coupler is secured properly onto your valve, just pump away — say, to 45 PSI or whatever. You'll soon figure how it's simply genius!

Then to REDUCE pressure from your tire is totally precluded. You can't use the pump's pressure gauge to watch the PSI go down. The couple has to be removed entirely. You just have to release air with your finger, then re-attach the coupler and pump back up again. Stop pumping at the proper PSI on the increase. There's never a decrease when the pump is engaged. The ABS bleed valve is only to let residual air out of the pump's hose so that the coupler can be removed easily — NOT what some video instructions say about "micro-adjustment with the bleed valve."

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