Blackburn AirStick LongNeck Evo Mini Pump


Throw the Blackburn AirStik LongNeck EVO Pump in your pack or hook it up to your frame with the included cage mount and you have high-power pump action at your fingertips. With a foldout foot peg and a max pressure of 160 PSI, you'll probably wind up tossing out your floor pump.


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[Nov 23, 2013]
All Mountain Rider


Pump is re-buildable.
Very user friendly for most situations.
Works great in the floor pump mode.
Able to get to a high pressure quickly (I've only used it in the low pressure/ high volume mode, 50psi is about the highest I ever used).
Keeps fatigue to a minimum, you don't have to try and hold the tire up or in position, once you have it ready to start pumping just lay the wheel down with the valve stem next to the ground and pump with a steady rhythm while using the foot peg to hold the pump in place in the floor pump mode.


The pump needs to be serviced once in a while; it can get hot if not maintained. If you take care of the pump, it will take care of you. The lube it comes with dries out fast, use Slick Honey to service.
The clear plastic that houses the coiled hose can get brittle and chip if used on an irregular surface like a rough rock.
Pump can unscrew, check snugness before every use.
It’s a little heavy.
Difficult to use in the floor pump mode in the sand.
Difficult to use when not using the floor pump mode, feels awkward.

I love my pump; I only ride Mountain and use it for larger tires 2.0 and above. I have used it a lot and it’s never left me unhappy. In fact I’ve used it on friends or strangers bikes more than my own. I never hesitate to help on the trail because I know it’ll work. Mine is fairly beat up now with the writing starting to come off and a chip in the plastic but still works, actually better than new (with better grease in it).

The coiled hose has never had a problem but I'm careful to make sure the hose is routed in the cut out in the plastic before using it. I will definitely buy another if this one ever gives up. Everyone that sees me use it always asks about it and says how cool it is.

I run tubeless ready tires and if I have a flat I never try to keep it tubeless, I just throw a tube in and carry on.

I struggled with going co2 or pump when I started out. Now I’ve been riding for some time and have been very happy with my choice. I’ve had to help a few people that ran out of co2 and had nothing else.

Some of the things I list as negative are just maintenance things, in general I pull it out of the pack give it a quick twist to make sure she’s all snug and go to work. Even in the sand I found a rock to use it on and how often do you get flats in plain sand, I’ve had one.

If you want the light weight pump that may be harder to use this is not the pump for you.

[Oct 04, 2012]
Weekend Warrior


Can go from a standard mini pump to a mini minimalist floor pump in moments and switches from HP to volume. I like the design, how the hose is housed behind the pump head which twists off, its flip down cover doubling as a foot peg. The Lezyne and Topeak are bulkier affairs and more than I want to lug around.


It's a mini pump. It took me several hundred pumps to get my 700 35c commuter tire pumped up. I was using it in HP mode, maybe I should have switched to volume in such a big tire. Next time I get a flat I will try that and see if it helps cut the pumping down. Feels cheap. While not an actual weakness, it has me worried about durability (jury is still out on that one). Pricy for plastic; I would not mind a bit more weight for a more robust feeling footpeg and hose.

Well, my first thought on opening the box (had to order online, no one local had one) was oh sh... It feels cheap. The footpeg feels like it will break if I try to use it. The hose feels like a kid's flexible straw. So I figured, if it works ok as a standard minipump that's fine, I don't have to use the footpeg and hose. Well, I got to use it in 102deg heat this summer commuting home. Got a flat in an area with no shade to boot. I was pouring sweat and did not feel strong enough to pump with opposed hands. So I tried the footpeg. I put the wheel back on the bike, stood it up against a pole, bent over the tiny pump, twisted off the head, attached it to the tube, flipped out the footpeg and began flailing away at it. Several hundred pumps and a liter of sweat later it was pumped enough to get home safely. Pump survived. If it keeps doing this I'm good with it. If it were 10 bucks less it would pick up one more Chili in value, and if it felt more substantial, one more chili in overall rating.

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